Sprint Galaxy S3

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is announced and ready to head to stores, the flood of Galaxy S3 price drops have begun with RadioShack and Sprint. For new customers signing a 2-year contract, the Galaxy S3 has dropped down to just $49.99 from its original on-contract price of $199.99. If you bring in an old device to trade in with the "Trade & Save" program, you could get that down to $0 quite easily as well. As is usually the case, line upgrades will be charged a $50 premium over new sign-ups.

Now the smart money would say that you should wait for the Galaxy S4 to hit your carrier of choice before you make your decision. But if you're in dire need of a new phone and don't want to break the bank, be on the look out for these price drops.

Source: RadioShack


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RadioShack cuts Sprint Galaxy S3 price to $49.99 on contract


Yea prices for the S3 are taking a dive to make room for the S4. $128 on AT&T with new or 2 year contract extension.

In the time it takes to have a child.. they are almost giving it away.. all that hoopla last July all those 2 Year contracts signed...

IMO it's a better purchase to grab an S3 at these reduced prices since its getting the new software on the S4. Unless of course the bump in camera and negligible processing bump are that important. I say negligible because most people won't notice the increase in day to day use.

That's never a wise decision because if you grab a S4 the resale value will be better than if you get an S3. So the savings you get will most likely even out anyways or you would make more money selling the S4.

The only difference is you have cash flow at the moment but you get a phone with less features and power.

Also, the S3 doesn't have the hardware to do everything the S4 does like the IR control and other extra sensor stuff.

Me..... I can't afford to shell out 300.00 every two years.
I got the Nexus on release for 150, but phone prices are getting to be extreme.
Factor in if you want a case and screen protector and you are talking 400.00 on contract before taking it out of the box no?