Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear ushers in the next evolution of the smartwatch — begone black-and-white e-ink displays, and welcome a massive shift in functionality. Notifications, integration with existing Android applications, Dick Tracy-style phone calls — and a built-in camera to built — this ain't no Pebble.

And Samsung stepped up design with the Galaxy Gear.

We've already crawled all over the Galaxy Gear, so be sure to check out our hands-on look. For you picture-oriented folks, we've got a massive Galaxy Gear gallery after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear


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In pictures: The Samsung Galaxy Gear


But can only be used with the Note 3 and probably only other future Samsung phones which makes this a fail...............oh and first......

Agree 100%. Shouldn't even be locked to a type of device or any OS. Just make it conform to BT standards and let everything that can connect do so.

1000% agree

Exactly how is this the "next evolution of the smartwatch?"

Besides- no wireless charging, plastic band/case, scary camera wort, and too huge. Blech.... I will wait for some real "evolution".

Whats the difference you can't get supported 4.3 version unless you buy a new phone anyway, or has 4.3 been release for older phones? Be 6 months before it gets released for older phones, if your lucky. I'm surprised they aren't giving the watch away with the Note 3 just to sell the Note 3 and flood the market with the watches. I bet thats what they start doing in a few months though!

If only it worked with all android phones....that was truly disappointing •_•


Ugly as /$*@$*//. Get a real smart watch, the HOT WATCH on kickstarter ( you've got only a day left to back) that's the real hands on calling, with a way better look, better battery life better everything.

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Also on Kickstarter is Omate; which can take a 2g/3g sim card; can work without pairing to a cell phone, but it can if you want.

That camera is hideous. A watch needs to be sleek. The face is better than what I thought it was going to look like

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Here is the problem with Samsung locking this device for only their products...

The watch is basically an accessory, not the primary device. Most people don't choose the device they buy based on the accessory they bought first. It's the other way around.

In other words I would never say I need to go buy that note 3 because I bought the watch last week lol.

Plus the fact that it does not even work with any current devices makes this useless...

What people don't get is that they will probably expand the device compatibility... Don't just think it will be note 3 only. Also its android so people will definitely hack it to make it work on other devices

I had high hopes for this watch but between the pricing and only being compatible with Samsung products is a fail. Hell the device will only be compatible with the note 3 for the moment not even the s4. The thing also uses s voice which I despise lol.

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Would be nice if they used Google Now instead of terrible S Voice. But I guess that will be the Google Smartwatch if they make one.

I'm so hard on watches it's insane. The only one that can withstand me is a Casio G-Shock. So until they come out with a smartwatch I'm not interested.

While im guessing Samsung will lock this into communicating with their phones only, people need to realize that 4.3 was just released and is the key component for the smart watch business to take off.

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big fail. google watch is the one to wait for. samsung doesn't know to do anything if they make it first they not good at it. once someone does something they copy of the features then they will be number one in watches

I guess I'm starting to get old.. the idea of a smartwatch befuddles me.. it's just another extraneous device to add to the tech we already have. Until it can offer me functionality that'll blow my mind and do things my smartphone or tablet cannot *aside from fitting on my wrist* I'm not interested.

I don't like watches anyway, but I'd rather have something simple, understated, and classic.. if I was to wear a wristwatch, none of these smart watches are that.

Only using with particular Samsung phones is crazy. Sorry, but if your peripherals don't work well with other devices then you are a bad developer/manufacturer. Its nice. It ain't that nice.

It does look a bit better than that leaked shot.

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Erm am I the only one not taking crazy pills here but...what's the battery running time?

My current watch runs for 2-3 years+ at least on a battery.

If this thing needs charging more than once a month its a joke.

Yes, you are the only one. The battery life has already been discussed at length. Comparing your watch to a smart watch's battery life is comparing apples to oranges. Does your watch require a processer to do other tasks than tell the time/date? Does is use a super amoled screen? Does it make calls?