Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Looks like the list of retailers preparing to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (read our full review) is shaping up quite nicely. First we had Best Buy, and now it looks like OfficeMax is getting into the game as well, thanks to this comparison sheet snagged by our sister site, PreCentral. We're all still operating under the June 8 date that Samsung announced back at CTIA in March, so we may well finally see public release of one of our favorite Honeycomb tablets in less than two weeks.

Source: PreCentral


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OfficeMax appears poised to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1, too


so its a 3mb shooter for the rear camera? Was it this way on the I/O version as well? this a confirmed carrier 4g tab? Wonder who the carrier is?

I hope it is NOT a 3mp shooter and that they made a mistake! The only thing that kept me from getting the 7" tab was the camera. Seriously, i dont get why they didnt just use the same 5mp cam as on the rest of the galaxy s family. Oh well, the sky is not falling.

Im pretty irritated by the inconsistencies in specs with this thing. So now its showing it as having 1 USB port? That has to be wrong. And still no word on if it has a Micro SD or not ... or if that is just the 8.9"? In all honesty, what a joke or a release. 8 Days before the product can be purchased and we cant even get a accurate description of what it is. Whats up with that?

If this is a carrier model, which from the 4G radio I presume it is, then it's going to be a little different from the wifi only version. With the carrier model it's rumored to have an SD and now a USB. The wifi only version will be missing these components, my guess is to keep the price down to compete against the iPad 2. As for the 8 days until release that's just still speculation. Even though Samsung said the GT 10.1 will be released June 8th, we have not received any updated confirmation for that date from Samsung. Not to mention their conference on the 24th, which was suppose to be the announcement, I assume, of the GT 10.1 for the states was canceled.

I havent heard anything about any recent galaxy tab being cancelled in the US. And since when did carrier models differ that much? The only carrier model differences i have ever seen is the radio. Could be wrong but the xoom, older galaxy tab, as well as the ipad are all the same hardware wise between wifi and 3g/4g versions

Oh look the chart shows the world's best selling Android Tablet in column 4. The only tablet that you can plug your thumb drive into.

And it has better specs!. Too bad it can't get a fair review here.

blah blah....god you people that live and die on reviewers opinions need to get a hobby that doesn't require a strangers opinion to validate your purchase or whatever emotional void your trying to fill with the praise. On another note...I think this specsheet is old or wildly innacurate...Samsung is reporting that the 4g models of the new tabs won't be available until later this year. That is enough to give me hope that the camera info presented may be innacurate as well.

I believe the comparison Chart is really OFF.

1. If I read it right, it says IPAD2 have 5MP rear camera. Though last I checked, actual spec was not revealed most consensus seemed to state <1MP camera.

2. Galaxy Tablet highly unlikely to have regular USB; otherwise, why would they sell proprietary USB connector?

I know at this point I have no hope for, but deep inside of me still hoping Galaxy tab include microSD support. Then this becomes my ideal tablet. Eeepad is great except the major issue I have is the weight of my Xoom and Eeepad doesn't really take care of that.

I just found out my xoom doesn't have a "NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core" processor like the Acer Iconia next to it... Who writes these things? It's as bad as a Verizon pamphlet that compares phones.

wow that is one of the worst comparison charts I've ever seen. Has anyone who has worked with mobile devices for more than a week proof read that chart?