NVIDIA is reportedly working on an Android-based gaming device that will be able to run visually intensive titles by offloading graphics processing to a desktop GPU. According to BBC News, NVIDIA's gaming device will feature the Tegra K1 chipset, which would allow it to natively run Android games. When linked to a PC with a desktop GPU, the device will apparently be able to run PC titles through the GeForce Experience system, and stream games to a TV via HDMI.

The device is said to feature its own controller, which will be sold as an accessory, suggesting it won't be a fully integrated handheld like the NVIDIA Shield.

NVIDIA hasn't shared any further details, but a spokesperson did tell the BBC that the company was working on an "awesome new gaming product that is launching soon."

While the ability to run graphically intensive titles like Battlefield 4 on a portable device sounds exciting, that option will only be available to those who already own a high-end gaming rig with an NVIDIA graphics card. NVIDIA's first attempt at an Android-based console, the Shield handheld, was met with limited success, so it remains to be seen whether the hardware vendor fares better with its latest idea. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

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Source: BBC News


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NVIDIA reportedly working on Tegra K1 Android gaming device


More like forked android, isolated games that you can only purchase from them leaving out big name titles and or games you already purchased and won't be able to use on their platform.

Every time I hear this I get annoyed because they don't think about the gamer and what they want to make a profitable and useful platform, they design the whole thing based on their own greed, and then no one wants the stupid thing because it is not versatile for what the basic gamers want or need.

Not sure I'm following you; can you elaborate? I have a Shield, and it comes with the Play Market installed, and I've played many a game on it. The only issue I have is the NVidia gamepad mapper can be a little quirky with some titles if you're wanting to use the gamepad (I'm looking at you Galaxy on Fire 2).

I don't see it going that way. If its like the sheild you will be able to gamestream your steam library, presumably to your large screen TV.

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw android TV announced with the K1. Kind of like a steam box but cheaper, and with the ability to run native android apps as well as steam PC gaming content.

I wish it was the other way around. Plug your phone into your pc, offload some work so your older pc can get a little help running games a little better.
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If it's a dedicated 'console' type device it'll die just like the Ouya. (Forgotten and abandoned) If it's a 'handheld' it'll go the way of the Shield. (Overpriced and forgotten) This is yet another terrible idea by Nvidia.

I'd have to agree with you. I've had mine since shortly after release, and I love the thing. It's been very reliable, quick to update, and is FAST. The one thing I would like to see is a 10" or 12" version with the K1.

Like the form factor, but HD, less than 1 MP, 720p, come on, it ought to have been QHD, 4 MP, 2K, at the very least FHD, 4 MP, 1080p.

I love gamestreaming on the Shield, it works amazingly well 95% of the time. Even their Grid gaming server provides a playable service if you don't have the required PC at home.

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What's with all the "reportedly" and "apparently" verbiage? Is the author unaware the current Shield does all of these things already?

Sounds like they are working on a Shield 2 but could definitely also be the Google TV box.

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"NVIDIA reportedly working on a Tegra K1 Android gaming device"

Why?? Another niche mobile gaming product?? These things just aren't good ideas, in my opinion.

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Read somewhere that this is supposed to be a tablet form factor. And if the streaming works anything like the shield you don't need a high end gaming PC to use that feature. I'm running a 750ti graphics card that does just fine.

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I thought tablet form factor right away. If it ran unforked Android with extras on top it would make a more versatile device than the Shield. A Tegra Note on steroids, basically

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This sounds like a Shield minus the screen and a separate controller.
Which means it may be released at a lower price then the shield was. As much as I like the Shield I thought the price tag was a bit high and sold it.
When they dropped the price to $200 I picked one up as soon as I read about the price drop. I think if they could have initially released the Shield at that price it would have sold better.

Hmmm, an android TV (or set top box) with a K1 chip, xbmc all backed up by my OC780. Sound interesting, but yes if access to my games are limited so would be the functionality. Image steam support!

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