Galaxy S III flip case


Here's a quick heads up for those of you who were eager to snag the Samsung Galaxy S III flip case and wanted to support your favorite Android site in the process. now has the cool little case available in stock. As you'll recall from our first look at the case, it's a replacement battery door with a cover attached that wraps around the side, and then protects the phone's gorgeous 4.8-inch display. And because it's using a stock-style battery cover, it adds the bare minimum of thickness to the phone, and you can quickly flip the case open (thus the name) to get to the phone.

Folks have asked about access to the buttons and cameras. You'll have to flip open the case to get to the buttons and front-facing camera. The rear camera's as available as it is without the case, but you'll still have to flip it open to activate the shutter.

Note that currently has the blue model in stock. The white version will follow.


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Had I known you would have carried this, I would have waited and purchased it here instead of through Verizon's expensive site... :(

Too bad it just flaps around. A magnet closure would've been nice, especially for $40 (or $50! at AT&T).

Are there any replacement back covers that are leather?

Picked one of these up over weekend at Verizon store. Wish I'd known you guys would be carrying it.

Case is well made. The back fits extremely well, and despite the lack of an closure, the front closes tightly and protects screen from dirt and scratches. And if you don't like carrier branding on your phone, this back eliminates that for you.

Only downsides I'd note are you lose easy access to volume rocker when front is closed. You can still adjust volume when closed, but not easy to see where the rocker is, so you might adjust in wrong direction on first try. Other downside would be it slows down access to camera, so you might miss out on quick candid shots.

Love mine, just wish it had a hole to see the notification light. Also would be cool if it worked like that tablet thing smart cover where it turned your phone on when you open it and turned it off when you closed it.

I really wish there was a holster that would fit with the cover. Cover looks great, but i feel so naked not having a phone on my hip. Always had phone on hip (belt) for the past 8 years.