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We’ve already seen earlier leaks suggesting that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 may be headed to Sprint and T-Mobile in the U.S., and today further leakage seems to indicate that both AT&T and Verizon will also be joining the fray. Several leaked screenshots obtained by BriefMobile seemingly confirm the existence of the SGH-i317 for Ma Bell and SCH-i605 for Big Red, which if accurate, would indicate a Note 2 launch on all four major mobile networks.

Samsung has yet to confirm its stateside plans for the Note 2, however if it were to secure a spot on the four largest carriers, just as it did with the Galaxy S3, it’d be another big win for the Korean manufacturer. A possible Note 2 launch on Verizon is particularly surprising to us, given that the carrier will likely launch two competing devices around the same time -- LG’s Intuition (Optimus Vu 2) and HTC’s rumored 5-incher. The assumption had been that Big Red was prepping these devices to compete against the Note 2 on other networks.

But let’s remember that just because Note 2 variants exist on each carrier now, doesn’t mean all of them will see the light of day. We’ve known devices to have been pulled before release in the past. Nevertheless, we’re sure Note fans on all four major U.S. networks will be crossing their fingers in the lead up to Samsung’s official announcement.

Source: BriefMobile, via: Engadget

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Leaked screenshots suggest Galaxy Note 2 may also come to Verizon and AT&T


Heck with it, just release a 7" phone. Might as well at this point. All you have to do is do calls over Bluetooth or speaker phone if that doesn't work. In fact I used my Nexus 7 as a phone the other day with GrooVe IP. The speaker can be turned down low enough that you can put the N7 up to your ear if you want.

So come on guys, let's see that 7" phone. Lol.

I'm holding out for the 46" flat panel phone. Folds down a svelt 10" and fits, somewhat comfortably in the pocket of your baggy pants. A bit bulky for the phone call, but damn, Skype video is truly amazing.

Best news I've had all year...except for the birth of my 4th granddaughter. Now if we could get Samsung to release worldwide at the same time instead of giving the goodies 1st to Europe & Asia.

That will happen when the US carriers cease their vendor lock-in (incompatible networks). When US reaches a network maturity meaning that you have a Europe styled standardization, then they will be able to release models quickly - at the same time as in other parts of the world.

I hope Samsung's radios have improved. I'm not impressed with the ones in my Nexus whatsoever.

I can't speak for everyone, but I know for me I've seen a huge difference in the radio quality between my wife's Galaxy Nexus and my Galaxy SIII. I was really worried about the radio when I ordered the s3, fortunately my fears were unfounded.

just my .02