The Samsung Galaxy S5 marketing train continues to roll with a series of new ads that focus on individual features of the phone. There's one for the selective focus feature in the camera – up top – as well as one for the ultra power saving mode and for the S-Health application.

The Galaxy S5 is packed with features – we've been trying to break out as many as possible ourselves – and Samsung has done a pretty good job here at highlighting a few of the standout ones without going on for too long about it.

You'll find the others at the source link below. But, while we're talking features, which is your own personal favorite feature on the Galaxy S5? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Samsung Mobile US (YouTube)


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Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 ads focus on features


Advertising: the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

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One of the reasons I'm thinking of making the switch to the HTC this time is the sheer feature overload of these Galaxy phones. I don't even use a fraction of them. It's just too much. Give me a solid phone that works flawlessly and who's ui doesn't seem over the top . Maybe I just need a change this time.

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You mean featureless with a horrid camera, average battery and unimaginative?

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Meh. The whole point of nexus devices is to set an example from a software standpoint.

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They fail. If they were leading the software, the software on the camera would be better
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Whether or not you like Samsung phones, it's undeniable that their marketing is solid.

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Yeah but flawless otherwise unlike a few others out there. Maybe prime will improve it

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I can go with that. If you go with the Sony you get flawless, g5 tries

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Can someone show me a site that actually likes Samsung. All the bashing is becoming very annoying.

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Maybe this will help you. My new S5 is the first Android phone that I haven't felt the need to flash an aosp based rom on. The much improved UI speed and smoothness coupled with the useful features(not all of them are useful) and excellent camera were all am unexpected but welcome surprise coming from Samsung. I still find a few parts of the UI to be ugly as sin but whenever I see them I just laugh a little, so I guess even that's OK.

My wife is due for an upgrade in may and I see her looking at my LgG2 and is now free on contract. If I want to pay $200 bucks for a phone she says "I'll wait for the g3"

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Htc should pay attention to how Samsung does their commercials. This latest Samsung commercial is one of the best I have ever seen at advertising a product and showing off what it can do. This coupled with the fact that the S5 is actually a really good phone(unlike the S4 which was slow, laggy and just not very good) will probably lead to it being the best selling android phone of all time by a wide margin. I recently returned from vacation in beautiful Monterey, CA and cannot count how many people I saw with the S5, entire families had purchased it.

Samsung needs to concentrate on battery life than silly heart rate monitors or finger print scanners. Making the UI black and white to save battery life on a colour screen is pathetic. Not enough progress has been made in battery technology whilst all the phone technology is changing.

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Haters gonna hate! If you don't like it don't buy it. Right!?
If you hate Samsung so much, why even read the article? So, why don't you back up a little bit and get a life?
All this Samsung bash is getting annoying. Why don't you buy the phone you want or like and just SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
All of you act like little kids! Well, my phone is made out of ALUMINUM, MINE IS FASTER, WELL MINE HAS IOS, OH MINE READS YOUR MIND! SHUT UP ALREADY