Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Owners of the Wi-Fi version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet can now rest a little easier as the Android 4.4 KitKat update is being sent out to that budget-priced device.

We got a tip from one of Android Central's readers who did a check on his tablet to find that he was able to download the KitKat software upgrade. A quick scan of our forums confirmed that the Android 4.4 update was also downloaded earlier this week by other owners of the tablet.

The update is 712 MB in size so it may take a few minutes to download. However, we are sure that owners of the Galaxy Note 8.0 in the U.S will be happy to receive all of the new features and updates that KitKat will provide.

Are you an owner of the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Note 8.0 and if so are you glad that you are able to get the KitKat software update?

Thanks to Rob for the tip

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KitKat rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in U.S.


I got it last night. So far everything works. Just searching online to see the new feature set. I am having an issue with my external sd card, I can read but when I try to write I get 'permission denied'.

You should test chromecasting from Google play music. There are major issues with that on Samsung's kitkat implementation on the note 10.1 2014.

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Got the update here.

No more writing to your SD card... apps already there seem to work fine (i'm talking about games and such). It appears you can still move apps to the SD card, but forget about using a file manager to write to the external SD card. This is pretty much a deal breaker for me for android on a tablet -- not being able to use a file manager of my choice is completely ridiculous, and makes using an android tablet for real work virtually impossible without some nutty workarounds unless you have a crazy amount of internal storage space (like at least 32GB, possibly 64 or more, depending on what you do). No thanks. I can get much more done on my Surface 2, and I was already contemplating replacing my Surface 2/Note 8 combo with a Surface Pro 3. I think the SD card write "problem" seals the deal, unfortunately, since not many android tablet models exist that have both a pressure sensitive pen AND large internal storage configurations.

This is, of course, my own personal perspective -- YMMV, but I can't see this as being very good for android on tablets in the near future and maybe that's the point. Maybe Google wants OEMs to start pushing larger internal storage configurations and get rid of external SDs. That would pretty well solve the issue, I suppose.

Yeah not being able to write to the SD card is kind of annoying. I get needing to control where apps write but you should be able to specify user space or something.

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To the writer,
Budget price? Not sure where you were hiding when this Note 8 came out. But just to educate you, the device cost a whopping $399. And there were writers on AC that commented at the time that this price was a little steep. And yes I'm offended by you saying that its budget price. I love this device for what it can do. Needless to say, do your research before you post your writings. Not even sure where you came from as I've never seen your articles before. Perhaps Phil or whoever should screen the writers and their articles more closely then the products that gets reviewed.

Nooooo I don't know what happened with this 4.4.2 update, but it screwed up the s pen calibration for me something awful. Now when I put the nib onto the screen in the Sketchbook Pro app, the line appears off the right and above where the nib is actually touching. :( I use this to draw so this small offset is REALLY upsetting and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Hi there!
This has happened to me as well. I so wish I didn't do the update!
Did you manage to resolve the problem? I hear an update, specifically 4.4.4, is in the works and should fix the problem, but who knows when they'll release it. :(

Debating updating my note 8 to 4.4.2, are you still having this pen issue? I'm tired of being told to update, but the only thing I use this tablet for is to take notes with S Note.

Hi, Derek!
DON'T DO IT!! I've checked a total of SEVEN Galaxy Note 8 tablets all running Android 4.4.2, and they ALL have the offset issue!
Samsung's being total IDIOTS about the matter, too - they won't even listen to what I have to say, so it's been no use trying to get them to resolve the problem.
I've barely used my tablet since installing this Goddamned update, and I'm really hoping subsequent updates will get the S-Pen working the way it's supposed to.
Hope this helps!
PS. I've tried fixing the problem by drawing around the border in an S Note document, and it hasn't done a thing on any of the Galaxy Note 8 tablets to which I've had access.

Thanks so much for your fast reply! I took your advice and avoided downloading the update. But I woke up today to an updated tablet. I checked s note and the pen seems to be calibrated fine. Hopefully it will stay that way!

Hi, Derek!
I'm glad the update didn't affect your pen!
I didn't notice a problem with my pen until about a week after I installed the update, specifically when I started sketching and found it difficult to darken up some lines in a drawing - the lines were appearing about a millimeter below lines I was trying to retrace.
When I rested my pen on the screen, just lightly enough to keep the small circular tip indicator active, it was slightly offset from where the nib actually touched the screen.
Oddly enough, the problem's not bad near the edges of the screen, but it's worse in the middle of t screen, which is where I tend to draw most.
I'm hoping Samsung will fix this problem soon - it's damned frustrating!
PS. It's interesting how your tablet auto-installed the update. Mine kept notifying me for over a week that the update was available, but I had to manually start the installation.

I had a local Samsung dealer flash my tablet's firmware, but it didn't fix the problem. I've now sent the tablet back to Samsung for service/repair - here's hoping THEY can get it working!

Hi again, Derek!
I'm happy to report that Samsung finally got my tablet working again properly, although I had to send it back to them a second time after which they replaced it outright with one running Android 4.1.2.
Needless to say, I'm now completely certain the Android 4.4.2 update causes the S Pen offset issue, and I won't be updating my tablet anytime soon!
Anyhow, have a great weekend!

Thanks for the update! Glad you got your tablet working again. Mine has yet to have any problems with the pen since updating. Curious why mine isn't affected. But now I know Samsung should help if it ever does start to mess up. Thanks for letting us all know!

You're welcome, Derek!
I wish I could explain why my tablet was affected this way, along with other Note 8's I've seen have the same problem under Kit Kat 4.4.2. Given that your tablet hasn't been adversely affected by the update, fortunately, I suspect that the issue may only pertain to certain model Note 8's. I have the GT-N5110 version - if I may ask, which model do you own?
Here's found a couple of photos that illustrate what was happening when I had been running Android 4.4.2:
-and- (based on a Samsung Galaxy S, but it's the same idea)
You can see how the pen tip doesn't "land" (or register) where it actually physically makes contact with the screen.
Now, with the older version of Android installed on the tablet I've got now, the pen tip and where it touches the screen are almost perfectly aligned.

Since I upgraded to 4.4.2 my Note 8 has suffered terrible battery performance. It seems to be the screen that is chewing up the power - with Wifi switched off and doing no more than keeping the home screen active my battery loses 12-15% per hour. It's worse when I actually use it for real stuff.
Been back to Samsung twice for repair, they diagnosed a faulty battery but it's still the same and the latest update has introduced the Spen calibration issue.
So frustrating.