The update brings Google Now, Project Butter, and all the Jelly Bean treats -- along with some device specific fixes and enhancements

When we saw the T-Mobile Galaxy S II get it's Jelly Bean update, we knew the Skyrocket couldn't be far behind. They're essentially the exact same phone, and folks are using them interchangeably between T-Mobile and AT&T. We also figured it would be done via Kies, and sure enough, there's an update ready and pushing out to folks who connect to Samsung's desktop utility.

The update to I727UCMC1 (Android 4.1.2) has plenty of Jelly Bean goodies, like expandable notifications, Google Now, and Project Butter. It also has a few fixes specific to the Skyrocket, like the removal of Qik and MSpot, and call quality should be a bit better.

Grab you cables, fire up Kies and plug it in if you're using a Skyrocket. For more details, hit the source link, and to discuss the good and bad of this one, the forums are right here.

Source: Samsung. Thanks, Angela!


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Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S II Skyrocket now available via Samsung Kies


What is the deal with this stupid "Kies" stuff???
Why aren't updates OTA, that's how my Samsung Droid Charge has always gotten updated. The whole purpose of a smartphone is to be mobile, and not be dependent on a PC.

I was wondering this also --- seems pretty strange that they don't just push these updates to the phones. I know a few friends who use Samsung SIIs and never know that an update is actually available for them haha. Pretty silly!

I'm glad to hear this update is available. I sold mine about 7 months ago as none of the Jelly Bean ROMs were stable. Plus I really wanted a Nexus 4 :-D

If you download the update, post in the forums your experience!

AT&T should be ashamed of themselves for releasing Android 4.1.2 for GS2 Skyrocket before the Galaxy S3. The GS3 and the Note 2 are the latest and greatest device, therefore they should always get the latest software updates before the GS2.

All of the S3's have been updated to 4.1 since last fall basically. That said, I'd expect 4.2 to get to carriers shortly after the s4 so chill out.

I give Samsung major props, they are pushing out the updates to most of their Galaxy S2 phones and others. Lately that is been the update story, Samsung is taking damn good care of their customers, that is why I will support Samsung, they are just killing it. The Innovations just keep on coming.
Thank You Samsung.

Still waiting for Jelly Bean for my original Note. They rolled it out for the international version awhile ago, but once again AT&T drags their feet

Relax a bit. Our i717's have historically received updates just after the Skyrocket since our devices have nearly identical hardware.

I'm much more interested in when they drop the source for the Skyrocket OR i717 so that it can be incorporated into CM 10.1 -- which is already solid as a rock, but it could stand a few tweaks to get bluetooth and MHL to behave...

No kidding! I rooted my I777 after the Sleep of Death 4.0.4 update and am running a stable ROM but wouldn't mind seeing what they include in the next OS release.

Samsung Kies Latest version is : version But from Samsung website if it is downloaded then the version is not latest. After installed the older version it needs to be updated to version LOL !! then why Samsung put the older version in their webpage ??
April 10th and 11th I tried several time via latest Kies to upgrade AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Android ICS to Jelly Bean. Everything is installed properly and Kies detect Skyrocket well and also showing the JB firmware. But while I click the update button in Kies the next dialog box come but its transparent and it hang like that only. Nothing else. How disturbing situation??
No Samsung USA official webpage update for Skyrocket announced:
Even directly no AT&T announced??
But Kies is showing the update??

Man, I'm really happy I chose to get this phone. Even after a year and a half, it's still rock solid. It's still fast (for me at least); development community has been awesome; works on ATT's LTE, T-Mo's HSPA+ (w/ the right radio), and will probably work on T-Mo's LTE, too. Battery may not last as newer phones, but at least it's replaceable, so I can swap it out w/ a cheapo $5 battery from ebay and easily make it through the remainder of the day.