Galaxy Nexus Update

No cause for alarm here, folks, but your brand new Verizon Galaxy Nexus is going to get a little update once it's activated. Bugfixes, mostly. And since you probably haven't actually used the Verizon Galaxy Nexus without this update, you won't really know what you were missing.

And before anybody freaks out about it getting an update on Day 1, remember that  pre-release updates are hardly unusual. Update it and go about your business.


Reader comments

Hey, new Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners, get ready for an update


Does anyone have any idea what the update is achieving? Am I concerned, no- not the least, but would I like to know what the update is for? Yes.

It is supposed to fix a lot of the bugs that were the cause of the repeated launch delays, primarily data/signal issues.

Got my update before I left the parking lot this morning. And I updated the demo unit while I was waiting to make my buy.

That's just for information about the update & doesn't mean any part of the update is coming from Verizon.

Don't spread FUD. It is a real Nexus.

You would be foolish to think Verizon doesn't have some part of the process. It is their network and they have apps on the phone, they do have a part in testing for it which means updates do wait for them, even if it is a short amount of time.

I'll wait for the "Nex" Nexus to come out on any other carrier. The two Verizon apps and no google wallet voided this phone of the Nexus name. This is Verizon's Galaxy S2 Fascinate with ICS.

How about that AT&T Non-nexus S? Sprint's NS4G is the ONLY phone with google wallet. It doesn't keep the other Nexii from being Nexus phones. QFT.

Anyone complaining about their new Nexus device getting an update out of the box should be shot for being an unappreciative bastard and give me their phone.

Manager at the store who sold me my GN told me the update was what caused the launch delay. He said it fixes in-call audio issues and connectivity bugs. He said it rolled out on GSM devices a week or two ago but it had to go through Verizon testing, causing the launch delay. Sounded plausible to me. At least more plausible than a legal tussle over Google Wallet.

Got mine 20 min after activating. But mine was 4.0.1 before update and 4.0.2 after, so i hope this x.x.1 update fixes whatever delayed the phone. Now that i have it, i love it!

I have had the opportunity to test this device for a few weeks now thanks to some great luck and an awesome Verizon sales rep. It received at least two updates during the time I had it, bringing it to 4.0.1 and then 4.0.2 where it sits now. Each update was about 8MB and took just a few minutes. I certainly hope this is the new standard because it's so much nicer than the Droid Eris days where you'd actually have to root or install a leak just to get a few new features.