Galaxy S3 extended battery 3500 mAh

​A Galaxy S3 extended battery at 3500 mAh is bound to be big - but is it too big?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the slickest, slimmest phones around. Of that there should be little disagreement, no? And the battery life, at 2100 mAh, isn't anything to sneeze at, either, given just how slim and sleek it is.

So what's the year's hottest phone going to look like with a 3500 mAh monster strapped to its back? Behold, Seidio's extended battery for the Galaxy S3.

So, yeah. It's got that big hump that we're used to from Seidio's monster-sized extended batteries. And it certainly looks like it'll completely change the feel of the device, as well. Oh, and there's no NFC yet, though that's coming in a future model.

Any takers?

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bsannes says:

Ummmm gonna have to go with NO!!

Marc11218 says:

Well if the price is right....

x10d3 says:

It's $69.95 without NFC, and $74.95 with NFC (when it's released).

Boowalley says:

Don't need it. My battery lasts all day and I got a spare battery but never had to use it through my 8 hour working day. When I don't need the internet I just cut off WiFi and data. You'll still be able to receive phone calls and texts. That's the beauty of Android vs my former phone which only had airplane mode which cut of everything.

spepi says:

If I could get it for free, sure...cant be much bigger than my S3 with the Otterbox case

That's not that big of a jump. Is there another bigger, higher priced one? My evo 3d had two choices. I got the larger one 4000 mah, now THAT'S a monster.

And we'll worth it in my opinion.


MG386 says:

The picture on front page is a little misleading because that pic has the extended battery + door + case. the phone with just battery and battery door doesn't look as bad.

I already got a 4200mAh battery from Q-Cell. $22 I think from Amazon.

MikeNY says:

I have the 4200 from Q-cell also. Its amazing.

MikeNY says:

I have the 4200 from Q-cell also. Its amazing.


+1 It works amazing, lasts over 2 days with moderate to heavy use. And it comes with NFC. For the price you can't go wrong. It's funny that some people are still knocking it without even trying it.

Majic Gobble says:

+ 1

TheRyland says:

I didnt see it, what is it called? Its only on Amazon?

aaCharley says:

Has anyone tried the Q-Cell battery with the IBolt vehicle dock? That would seem to be a nice car dock and possibly accomodate a thicker phone.

tokuzumi says:

I sit in a cube all day, and have access to a charger at work. I'm fine with the stock battery in my Galaxy Nexus, despite not lasting very long. I just wish we could see more Droid Maxx battery tech in other manufacturer's phones. If there are patents that need to be licensed, then license those patents. Motorola has shown the world a thin phone can be made with a huge battery. Other phone manufacturers need to quit making excuses, and get it done.

fdisker says:

Razr Maxx FTW!!

dsearles says:

Who needs it? I get 32+ hours on the 2100 mAh stock battery using wifi and good 3G/4G signal. EVen in lousy signal areas I get over 24 hours on the stock battery. I just picked up the Samsung charger/battery combo from AC and I'm good to go.

s3uzah says:

Because a lot of people including myself got this phone as more than just a fancy trophy to call people on. When you have spotify, steam, facebook, equalizer, dolphin browser, games, texting, gps, and torrents all running at once you can bet your ass it'll drain in a snap. Even when I am not using it, I have a fair amount of apps that run in the background wether I like it or not. I wake up, unplug my phone, read my texts, smoke a cig, and in that 15-20 minutes I am already down to 90 percent.

Really sucks buying a phone and still being attached to the wall.

That thing looks hella ugly. I'd just pick up a spare battery and call it good.

jermaine151 says:

I just threw up a little in my mouth.. My phone is too sexy for that battery. I'm good with stock.

MrJazz says:

It looks like a growth.

Droidonic says:

Its not a tumor (said in awwnold accent)

leisenstein says:

Wow, you guys are actually happy with having to charge your phones EVERY day?!?!?

I have a Razr MAXX, but if I didn't, I'd gladly take a thicker phone over being saddled to a charger or have to carry around a spare battery.

Carrying around a spare battery for a phone is like carrying a 5 gallon drum of gas because your car can't make a round trip to work without running out.

ReggieTee says:

Are you serious?

So we complaining about having to charge our phones every day? Really?

unless you're using your phone in your sleep, what's the big deal? apart from a useless bragging point? or are you not actually sleeping in a place with power outlets?

MikeNY says:

Fyi. Stock battery for the s3 is outstanding. Extended battery is amazing and useful for plane rides or other times when access to charger is limited.

MikeNY says:

Get the qcell cheaper and looks so much better.

I can get a second battery for cheaper and have more power to boot. what's the point?

wojotiger says:

Ive always bought the extended battery but I can honestly say the S3 has held up well on its standard battery. I bought the extra battery charger and battery and still havent used it but its nice to have just in case. I think I will be passing on this one.

droidobzen says:

I'm on Mugen 4600mAh HLI-I9300XL battery at the moment. It supports NFC

cnlson says:

This is why I LOVE AC and read nearly every article, I learn stuff I didn't know. I've been thinking about looking for an extended battery and with what everyone was saying about the q-cell I checked amazon and they are out. But the hyperion branded with NFC in stock for $17 and there is even a TPU case for $10 that fits it. With shipping $38 and I'm going on a plane trip in october so i'll have time to break it in. Break in takes 5 charges X 2-3 days = nearly half a month, but once broken in people are reporting 60-75 hours without charging. I use my phone pretty heavily so i'm guessing at least 2 full days without having to charge. AWESOME!

RetiredJedi says:

I don't understand why they don't make an extended battery where the battery and battery cover are all one piece and all part of the battery. That way you could actually make a bigger mah battery and keep the slim profile of the phone.

jason1984 says:

Why do you only review Seidio products?

ungibbed says:

Seidio accessories have always been top notch when I was using a old BlackBerry long ago. From simple replacement parts such as a battery door or what have you, I loved the quality feel. On my old BB 8310, I bought a replacement for my worn out battery door instead of trying to color match from RIM.

The less expensive Seidio did the trick and matched the grippy rubber feeling as the sides of the old phone as well as the top. I liked the look and feel far better than what RIM shipped with the 83xx series and was very pleased with my purchase.

If there was a similar style back shell for my S3 in white, I would buy it in a instant.

Great products overall when I was in 'Berry country. I always love to see more.

smileycon says:

I love Seidio products. I wish they would make galaxy s3 wallet cases like the cases here I would get me one. they make quality products

Nikolai#WN says:

reece ashton says:

Hmm.. Accourding to this -

both Seidio and Mugen are pretty shit, and since you cannot get Hyperion or Gorilla in the Uk then looks like its the Ezo 4200mAh or the ELMIJ 4600mAh (Amazon).

I just saw some kick ass cases for galaxy s3 in here

My new device will be well protected for sure :)

Aviv Shalev says:

Let us know what your choice! , Which device do you think is better!