Galaxy Nexus fastboot

Google has released the official Android 4.0.4 factory images for the international (GSM) version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the T-Mobile and European unlocked Nexus S. These are files that allow you to return your Nexus to stock, no matter how badly your system software gets screwed up. With these files, you'll always be able to return to stock Android 4.0.4 (build IMM76D). Everything is included and when finished flashing these, it will be as if your phone had been left pristine and ran all the OTA updates.

The files could also be of use to Nexus owners who want to update to 4.0.4 with a clean start and nothing left over from before. Remember that flashing these system images will wipe all data from your phone, including music, pictures or other media. If you just want to update your GSM Galaxy Nexus from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4, we've got that covered too.

To flash these system images, you'll need to be comfortable with fastboot and the command line, and you'll find a "flash-all" script packaged with the images to help you get started. Check the source below for Google's downloads links.

 Source: Google code More: JBQ on Google Groups


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Google releases Android 4.0.4 factory images for select GSM devices


The i9020/i9020T and i9023 are soju devices.
The i9020A is sojua
The d720 (Nexus S 4G) is sojus
and the m200 (Korean NS) is sojuk

>return your Nexus to stock, no matter how badly your system software gets

Try running "fastboot erase hboot" and tell me if this holds true.

I might flash the 4.0.4 ics onto my nexus s in order to upgrade it. But i have one problem (i am new to this) and would like to backup my apps and all their files.
What should i do? Is it okay if i backup everything on the external memory or will that be erased too?
My device is a I9023 on stock 2.3.6

I am jealous of GSM Nexus owners. I guess I'll never know what it is like to own a Nexus device. My Nexus s 4G is not one that's for sure.