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Google Maps has been updated to include lane guidance, search result filters, and Uber integration. Also, high profile destinations now let you drop down to Street View to get up close and personal, save them for offline viewing, get access to easier directions, and get quick access to saved spot across multiple locations. Oh, and transit directions will show you how long you're going to be walking too.

This is a pretty beefy update to what is arguably one of Google's most important apps. Given, Google's done some fun goofy stuff with Maps like a Pokemon challenge, it's still hard to find a better online navigation experience. Have you been looking forward to any of these new features? What would you like to see in Google Maps for mobile?

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Google Maps takes your trips offline; Adds lane guidance, saved places and more


Let's hope its better, but I'm not getting too excited as it sounds like a regurge of their already available features with the addition of lane guidance, which could be handy.

I loved when you where able to download your entire region to the phone. It was so fast and didn't eat up data.But I don't see that option anymore. Ever since they took out all the bells and whistles when they streamlined it with the iPhone version. Plus I doubt that feature will ever come back since Google is in bed with the carriers.
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Just installed. Still don't see how offline maps are particularly useful. Still can't search the area, find directions, or use navigation with no data connection, even if the map area is saved.

You can't do all of those things, but you can see the map, and follow it, and if your trip started before you lost a data connection, it will continue to give you turn by turn guidance. (This isn't new, its had this capability for a couple years).

Finally saved places! For years I have wanted to be able to save a location that I visited for reference later.

Wish they were rename-able though.

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But does the renamed star now appear correct in the latest version? I've not updated yet but the previous version doesn't for me

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Maybe you haven't checked for a long time, but you can save (STAR) a place on your computer and it will be available on your phone instantly, or do it the other way around, saving a place on your phone for later and have it show up on your computer as well. This has ALWAYS been available on Android. Always.

What it still refuses to do is save make your ROUTES that you create on your computer available on on the phone. Which is exactly why I still have an old version of maps on one of my phones.

We use this all the time when planning road trips. I find the route on the computer, then save them to My Places. This is especially useful if you have side trips all planned into your route.
Older versions of Google Maps for Android use to allow you to call those up. Newer Maps only syncs your stared places, not your routes, You can still access your routes via Chrome Browser, but you don't get turn by turn guidance.

Google Please bring back Routes on the maps app!

When you rename a starred location too "place a" in Google Bookmarks does "place a" appear in maps app, as it had been still showing as the name as in appeared originally on the pin

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Not seeing any ability to rename a stared place in Google Maps.
Bookmarks are book marks for the Browser, not for maps. You are confusing two different things.

Yes i would like to see true offline support in google maps which has some things much better than nokia here maps, but there are rumours that nokia would make ios and android here maps, but when and will it include offline support and the price is not even rumoured, though nokia propably make money from using data gathered from phones to use in car navigations.

Google is just not bringin true offline navigation i assume. Best would be that if no internet connection uses only offline data but when there is will make better maps experience like real time traffic/problems notifications and excellent street view integration when arrived in destination etc.

What would I like to see? A toggle for the zoom buttons (as opposed to tap, tap&hold, drag). A speed readout toggle. Multiple stops.

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I would love something showing what the current speed limit is. Sometimes I get into parts of town where I have *no* idea what the speed limit is, so I end up driving way too slow to avoid getting a ticket.

yes!!!! multiple stops i been waiting for that for years, at least 3 to start off with cause u might wanna pick up a date and go out to eat but u have to look up each location separately.

Let's see if their routes are any better. Waze still gets me everywhere much faster than Maps. Sad, because Maps is so much better-designed otherwise.

I totally agree. I don't use Google Maps for any turn by turn navigation. Waze does a better job dynamically controlling my route to avoid delays. Google sends me the same way almost everytime, no matter the time of day or current traffic. I'm holding out hope that by buying Waze, Google will integrate the things that make Waze great.... but they haven't added much noticeable stuff yet.

Google Maps is so much more integrated into Android that it would be nicer to use it over Waze, but I also like to get to places as quickly and stress free as possible.

I suspect that Waze's routing may be too "radical" for Maps, and that may be why they're avoiding it. It tends to send us down some pretty crazy side streets, zig-zagging through neighborhoods, and sometimes having us make some VERY precarious left turns. I suspect Google may realize that that's fine for people actively choosing to put that level of stress on themselves to save time, but that it might lead to disaster for the average user. Their routes play it much, much safer. I just wish I had a choice for all the reasons you've said. Maps is more reliable and better integrated.

Left turns is my petty peeve. Waze really does not know that sometimes making that left turn is a VERY bad idea (busy intersection, only 2 cars get to turn left each traffic light round, taking way too long). In my city I more or less know when Waze takes bad decisions but it is a PITA when I am in other cities.

I have to do the same. Second-guess it. Problem is, sometimes by doing so it jumps the time up considerably, making me wonder if a better route would have been presented if it had known that wasn't a viable turning option.

That's a valid point. And yea Waze loves to take left turns but I figure many people in my town use these shortcuts, with left turns, that Waze learns and then suggests. Like Havohej said below, when I'm in my town, it's no big deal, I just ignore certain turns and try and "teach" Waze my way. But when you're in a different town, you can't do that. During rush hour, Waze will tell me to get off the road I'm on, scoot over to a parallel road for 2 blocks, then jump back over to the road I'm on. :) I generally just skip those directions unless there is an accident or something.

I wish Maps included the sharing of trips and estimates arrival times, and accident/hazard/police reporting.
I check in on Waze from home and when my wife is also heading home, I can see where she is and when she'll arrive, which quite helpful.

Exactly my solutions and concerns. I know how to outthink it. But imagine if Maps found the middle ground, using my slightly simplified routes that skip jumping around two blocks, or making lefts in impossible places, but was otherwise similar? Gold.

Although I suppose the flipside is if the single most-used navigation app in smartphones began routing everyone along these shortcuts, they might stop being them soon enough. Waze manages to be just obscure enough to not cause too much damage.

When i try to launch downloaded apk i get error "There was a problem parsing the package". Download is complete, tried from second mirror and Unknown source option is on. Any help?

Edit: Uninstalling previous version of Maps and rebooting did not work.

Still need to replace some good features that got dropped when v7.0 hit:

1. Nav view without a destination set
2. Larger type lab option

I find it ridiculous that I have the Nexus 5, Google's current flagship phone, and I do not have this update available yet. It just seems to me that the very first devices that should get app updates from Google's should be it's own Nexus devices, more specifically the most recently released Nexus which is in this case the Nexus 5.

Wether you have nexus or regular, app updates go out in waves. Doesn't matter what phone you have. Why complain when you get os updates first anyway.

Like yankeesusa said, updates go out based on region (and possibly carrier) to make sure that we don't bring the Google Play servers down. The Nexus line promises the latest and greatest version of Android from Google. The apps are a whole different ball game. Actually, even the OTA's roll out the same way, and for the same reason. It only takes a day or two for everything to move around. Just have a little patience.

I am very pleased to see that Google FINALLY added Lane Guidance. I wouldn't mind seeing the addition full screen popup image of Lane Guidance like Garmin and TomTom have. This of course would be an optional feature since not everyone would like it. You're getting there Google Maps slowly but surely.

I guess since I'm throwing out my wish list I'd also love to see some celebrity voices as options in addition to car choices rather than the boring arrow thingy. Let me into Google Labs and I'll get us some fun features added.

waze needs better integration in maps. instead of just showing accidents, it should should allow us to update or comment traffic like waze.

Why do my offline maps expire after 30 days? Why can't I just download an entire state? I'll never understand how they think people want to use offline maps. Like was already mentioned navigation without needing data.

I did not know that. I thought you could put them on memory of phone and use when you need it. Maybe they expire in case updates to the map have been made. That is weird though.

What do i want from Google maps? More detailed driving interface with terrain view and more settings for routes . and the ability to have Waze function (anyway they are Google property now)

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I'm mostly happy with Maps, with one exception: when I request navigation to a place in the new Maps, it gives me that dialog allowing me to choose route options, with a couple of different route cards below. It looks great in portrait but, if I've got the phone on the car dock in landscape, I've gotta scroll up a little on that first card to hit the "Start Navigation" button, which can be really annoying if I'm trying to drive. The layout on that upper panel needs to be smaller in landscape mode or something. There's less than 1/2 an inch left to view the cards. Not "horrible" but it's certainly not good.

I keep hearing about these updates from Google, but I haven't received any of them lately!

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What I'm interested to see is how they react if the Here maps app does come to android officially. That I understand will allow offline downloading. Might just be the competition Google needs.

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How the heck would Here Maps allow offline downloading? Carrier Pigeons?

I have Here Maps on my Surface tablet, and its nice because it downloads the entire country and you can navigate with no cellular connection. But you have to have the app installed when on wifi.

Let us download the maps and post speed limits!!! Here Drive is just awesome for Nokia WP.

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One thing that drives me crazy with Google maps is when I select home to get an idea on how long my commute will take it zooms in on my street. What would I need that for. I already told Google that is my home, I know the street. The map should adjust to show from my current location to home. That would be useful.

Everytime I try to get an update it zooms back to my home.