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Sure, you could use the Motorola Droid X's 4.3-inch screen to be productive and all, but let's get down to what we really want: Games. Fast, smooth, immersive games. And in our demonstration at the Motorola event in New York, that's exactly what we saw. Don't worry so much about specs, just know this: That 1GHz processor and dedicated GPU scream. It's fast. Real fast. We'll show you after the break.

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mickmel says:

Looking good. As a bonus, that's just on 2.1 -- it'll be even smoother and faster (in theory) on 2.2.

One thing bugged me -- the horizon tilted with the phone. I assume NFS has a "horizon lock" feature like most driving games.

I'm strongly considering moving to Verizon for the Droid X. Currently on AT&T; I've got a Nexus and my wife has an iPhone 3GS. This sure is a tempting device...

thebizz says:

looks good

Toro says:

The Galaxy S should be pretty good at gaming too, right? Some of T-Mo's comments:

"How about the Samsung Vibrant? 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, 4.0-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, 5 MP camera"

"The Vibrant's 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor is optimized for superior media viewing and game play."

Kedar says:

Yeah the gpu in the galaxy s is going to breeze through any games or media you throw at it.

Blueriver says:

Galaxy S rumored to have SGX540 GPU, which has about the twice the performance of SGX530's.

We will see once it comes out.

Toro says:

Nice. I'm a big gamer (most of us probably are) and I'm on T-Mo, most logical phone for me = Galaxy S aka Vibrant

iveo83 says:

Would these same type of games work on the EVO?
Does the Droid X have a better GPU than the EVO?

Kedar says:

I have an evo. I hate to break it to you... but our phones can't game like the droid.
The droid has a fast dedicated gpu.... power vgx if I am certain.

The adreno 200 gpu in the htc evo, incredible, and n1 is... kinda crappy in comparison.
There are certain games opimized that run well. However, I don't expect game developers to take their time in optimizing their game.

I found this out after I bought the evo... big blow cause I want to play games on thia big screen.

Edit: Some more information.

The graphics is capable.
A couple good games on the N1, Evo, Inc:
Exzeus Arcade, Raging Thunder II, Hungry Shark...
Those games run beautifully on those phones. Exzeus Arcade is probably the most graphic-intensive game on the Android Platform and it runs really well somehow. The developer made it through the NDK.

So I'm guessing if more game developers use the NDK then we can expect more.

bryanjfaber says:

Gameloft.com has all or most of their games that were on palm pre n itll let you pay by charging to sprint bill

Www.gameloft.com on you htc evo will take you to the games

Kedar says:

I know...

I tried Asphalt 5. It sucks, so laggy... atleast compmared to my Pre.
The pixel fill rate on the Adreno GPU on the Snapdragon is low, which is the main thing.

I heard Nova runs okay... I don't want to take the chance though.

Blueriver says:

Games? Pretty possibly, as long as it's for android.

But for GPU... Even original Droid has better GPU than ALL the current snapdragon phones, including EVO 4G.

Snapdragons could make roughly the same (sometimes little faster or slower) 3D game speed as original Droid with the power of CPU, but when it comes to Droid X, it will simply be uncomparable.

dswatson83 says:

gaming will be better since they have the real buttons instead of the capacitive ones. Can't tell you how many times i've hit the search button on my evo by accident. I prefer the look of the capacitive flush, but with a massive screen, it is just a little easy to hit. I'm used to it now though and rarely hit them

joebob2000 says:

Here! Let me hold the phone so that it's both too close to focus, and aimed right at the ceiling lights so you can't see the screen clearly anyway!

Honest to god, why do they let these people report on technology? Is video production really that hard to understand?

ceriem says:

That glare on the screen in killing me. At least Verizon offers some good anti-glare screen protectors.

slinky317 says:

Games are neat, but they're really a novelty. I don't like spending money on crappy games in the Market, and all games kill the battery pretty quick.

Kedar says:

I think they are really good. Think about it. If you buy a psp, then games cost quite a bit. 3d games that are immersive go for a couple bucks and some offer unbeatable replay value.

I play games quite a bit and I still get a good 10 hours or more.

There are good games and them there are crappy ones. Games like Reading Thunder 2 and Exzeus Arcade are good examplesof beautiful high end games with replay value.

weehooherod says:

I really hope HTC steps up their game or I'll have to switch to a motorola phone. I'm so sick of all of these hardware defects and lack of GPUs. I had the Nexus One and now I have the Evo, so so so many issues.

Kedar says:

Yeah its ridiculous that htc uses qualcomm's processor when they're Adreno gpu is so outdated. They were showing that gpu off in 2008.

c4v3man says:

HDMI output while playing?

Oh, that would be cool. Even at 4.3", my 43" flatscreen is still larger! Plus, your fingers wont' get in the way of viewing when there are buttons to press on the touch display game.

Paladin says:

I am a hard core FPS PC gamer but I personally am not that into gaming on my phone as much. There is nothing wrong with it but to me it is fun for a few min here and there but I would rather play a good puzzle game like Go, Sudoku or even Lemmings etc...

Even without the GPU I think the Evo could play these games.
My Pre had a CPU at only half the speed (500Mhz) and played them great. So double the CPU speed, like the Evo, to compensate for the lack of GPU and they should play as good as the Pre, at least in theory. Especially when 2.2 hits. The Evo can play back .avi files so it CAN process video.

Timcity says:

So since this is basically the same processor as the droid 1 does that mean that a over clocked droid at 1 ghz is comparable to the new droid phones?

Hard to say, but by theory no, because Texas Instruments changed the processor greatly from the droid to the droid x, for more info goto http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20008725-64.html?tag=mncol while they are both 1ghz processors, the design still affects it? Anyone feeling like proving me wrong please do, as I hate being wrong but will accept it if I am.

Toro says:

Since we're on the topic of Android games, which one's are the best? I like shooters, racing, and rpg.

Kedar says:

Raging Thunder 2 is probably the best racing game on htc phones.

I also like Hungry Shark... Which doesn't fit your description... But it's really fun.

Ok, gaming on a cell phone is not my thing. I can't see why i would want to play a game on a 4.3 inch screen compared to a 60 inch flat screen with surround sound. I may be old school but I pretty much use my cell phone to make calls while im out.

MowDownJoe says:

I can understand not wanting to play cell phone games, even as their quality have improved over the years, but if you've never owned a DS or Game Boy, you, my friend, are missing out.

ardoreal says:

Let's see, now why does the Droid X rock at gaming? It's NOT powered by a crapdragon, that's why.

josuearisty says:

lol, I agree, is not that overrated Snapdragon

vicw926a4 says:

My 8 year old grandson just watched the demo over my shoulder. He excitedly asked "You can play games on the Droidx?"

Now we're into it. I better buy the big battery option.

kstagg says:

Let's not forget the window that will open with Froyo with Flash when all those games will come to our devices. While EVO may or may not be the gaming device (?) that the Droid X is (not why I bought the phone in the first place anyway). It's still good to know the rewards that are coming with the media that will be coming shortly.

Go Android!


JohnQ#AC says:

what game is it? from EA. name? released yet? compatible for desire??