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Gameloft's soccer simulation game, Real Soccer, has received a nice update to a 2013 edition. The update brings improved graphics and animations, along with a new management mode that provides a better in-depth game experience.

So, does Real Soccer 2013 have what it takes to challenge the incumbent FIFA 2012 (and impending FIFA 2013)? A gameplay trailer from the developer can be found below. If it seems like something you'd like, you can grab a download from the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Gameloft's Real Soccer 2013 now available in the Play Store


Wow... I remember the days when I was a kid; getting excited about FIFA on the PC... Now its available on Android!

You should mention that it's free. To me, that's pretty impressive! Does it have in-app purchases, or ads, or what?

At least in the 2012 version, the players have stamina. It runs out in like 1-2 matches and then you have to pay to purchase more. I would rather have them charge me $5 or whatever and not have to deal with that nonsense.

Ahhhh, that explains the reviews complaining about stamina taking too long to replenish. I thought it was a gameplay issue, but I didn't know you could pay money to "fix" it. It stinks that there's no one-time pay option to fix it. At the same time, I understand this way of doing it and figure it'll be the norm, not the exception, soon -- if it isn't already. Why take a one-time payment of 99 cents or $1.99 or even $9.99 when you can turn the game into a steady stream of revenue by making the same people spend money over and over?

Good for them, bad for us!