Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft has now taken the covers off the next iteration of the Modern Combat game series. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation makes use of the Unreal and Rage game engines to bring you the most realistic FPS game to date. 13 missions, multiplayer action with support for up to 12 players, 6 maps, and 6 different game modes this one is designed for mobile gamers. You can dig the trailer and press release after the break. Gameloft is expected to have this released by 'fall" - so in other words, soon.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Gameloft Reveals Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games reveals Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation today. The game will be available on the Android platform this fall.

About the Game:
The best and most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with greater intensity and an apocalyptic battle for U.S. freedom. For one or more players.

Key Features:

  • An intense 13-mission campaign with immersive cinematics and memorable moments.
  • A frantic multiplayer with up to 12 players, 6 maps and 6 different modes.
  • An addictive ranking system with more than 90 experience ranks.
  • High-tech modern weaponry with modifications and attachments.
  • Next-gen high quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines.

About Gameloft
A leading global publisher of digital and social games, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms, including mobile phones, smartphones and tablets (including Apple® iOS and Android® devices), set top box, connected TVs and consoles. Gameloft partners with leading international brands such as UNO®, Spider-Man®, James Cameron’s Avatar™, Ferrari® and Sonic Unleashed®. Gameloft also operates its own established franchises, such as Real Football, Asphalt™, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and N.O.V.A Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance®. Gameloft is present in all continents, distributes its games in 100 countries and employs over 4,000 developers.


Reader comments

Gameloft reveals Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


No matter how awesome looking, I just don't see myself playing a FPS on my phone instead of my three 24" 1920x1200 desktop screens... It's just not the type of game suited for 4.3" and touch controls, I applaud this kind of effort but it seems kinda mis-guided. Then again, we're already able to hook our phones and tablets up to our TVs, and BT gamepad support is improving... (though personally I also shudder at playing a FPS with a gamepad :p )

I shudder at playing an fps with a keyboard and mouse. Give me an xbox controller any day. To each his own.

I play modern combat 2 on my phone allllll the took some getting use to but it's actually a rather complete experience.

I only play multiplayer though...AbsoluteDesignz :-)

They need to implement tilt look, or an augmented reality type of look system, 2 thumbsticks on screen take up way to much space IMO

That said, it does look perrty awesome..

I had Black Pegasus on my iPhone 4 when I was using one temporarily, and it had an augmented reality type aiming system you could use instead of the on-screen sticks if you wanted. You could also edit the placement of the on-screen buttons. Do they not offer that in the android version? I'd love to have this on my G2, because BP was awesome.

I know nova had custom placement, pretty sure MC has it also, tho I'm not 100% sure.. how did u like the augmented look system on BP?

That "augmented reality" aiming system utilizes the iPhone 4's gyroscope, which isn't a part of the Android version, most likely because the Nexus S is the only Android device with a gyroscope, as far as I know (pretty much every Android device has an accelerometer, but not a gyroscope).

I know this isnt nearly as good as graphics as ps3,360,pc but it is getting close to the wii some games even better then wii lol, like infinity blades,rage etc. I really can see phones replacing computers,tablets, and consoles in the not to distant future..

With a combination of a super phone and a atrix style laptop dock, a nother dock that could connect to any matter but with same experience as webdock, the same dock that could connect to any tv and play games full screen with bluetooth controller, and the a asus padfone style thing , to convert to tablet when needed.

They just got done with a huge sale on Android. All of their games were knocked down to 2.99, and you could get one for free.

I got Modern Combat 2 and Hawx for 3.00.