Gameloft announces title and story details for Modern Combat 5

Although Gameloft dropped some details on Modern Combat 5: Blackout back in June, we've still not seen release of the game as of yet. Don't fret though, Gameloft is still working on things and have once again let it be known the game is well on its way to release and have now dropped the full title and story details behind the game.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will once again take fans on an adventure across the globe, as the player engages in special counter-terrorism operations with the latest and most technologically advanced combat weaponry. The single-player campaign for MC5: Blackout consists of compact and dynamic missions that ratchet up the suspense of each action-packed moments. The development team wanted players to experience the story in a more intense and diverse way than ever before.

The story will indeed begin in Venice, Italy where Phoenix, the main character of the game, is sent on a special operation to secure a transport of WMDs from a particularly well-armed terrorist group. From there the plot will take gamers on a globe-trotting adventure, including a particularly harrowing sequence in Tokyo where Phoenix has to fight amidst total anarchy while trying to convince his allies to accept an uncomfortable secret. By the end, players will have experienced a range of visually-stunning settings, and thrilling action-packed combat sequences.

Sounds promising and from the previous videos, it looks pretty good. Needless to say though, we're at the mercy of Gameloft for a release date and pricing details but it sounds like we're getting closer.

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Euclid88 says:

Hope the Adreno 320 can handle this...

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Xorok says:

There are actually almost no Apps which really use the whole power of the current Snapdragon 600-801(-805)/Tegra... processors. Even a S3 can handle for example Asphalt 8 with no problems ;) If games have problems with performance on smartphones with one of the chipsets listed above it's bad coding/porting ---> Best example: GTA San Andreas

loldroid23 says:

The adreno 320 is still a very capable GPU. My nexus 4/7 2013 can still handle every intensive game on maxed out settings with good framerates (GTA San Andreas is the only exception).

grydlok says:

Time to replace my tablet with a new one

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jlanik4 says:

Boy, another ripoff.

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neonworm says:

How is it a ripoff?

Suntan says:

I just got around to playing MC4.

Haters gonna hate but personally I've found the last couple of MC games to be really well executed on mobile devices. I'm looking forward to this.


Efendulov says:

+1 mate

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These games are the best Mobile FPS. Unrivaled IMO. Can't wait!

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Collin Lewis says:

As long as its not free to play

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Zombienoms says:

I hope they have support for the Nvidia Shield and it's game pad. That would be absolutely wicked :D

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mack10#AC says:

Hope they support the Amazon Fire TV.

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FortTech101 says:

I want them to release a NOVA. I may get this game though.

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seanjenkins says:

I hope it isn't free. But I suspect it will be.

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