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Over £1,000 raised on Indiegogo with 17 campaign days still remaining

After initially being announced only for the HTC One, an Indiegogo fundraising campaign was started to bring support for the MoDaCo Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The MoDaCo Switch will enable one set of user data and apps to be shared by two different versions of the Android operating system: the Samsung TouchWiz version of Jelly Bean, and the "Google Edition" version of Android Jelly Bean. This allows one phone to switch back and forth between software versions, making changes to one side (like installing apps) that are also reflected on the other.

A goal of £1,000 was set on Indiegogo to bring the Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which was exceeded with over two weeks still left in the campaign. The following update was given in response to the donators' support:

Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, you're all awesome and it's fantastic we've hit the target already. I'm not setting stretch goals per se, but all subsequent donations help get us towards the ultimate goal of making Switch available for all ROM developers to use and thereby all devices. Switch is for you - Android fans. :-)

If the momentum of the MoDaCo Switch continues, we may see it on many more phones to come. To get in on the donating action, following the source link below.

Source: Indiegogo


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Galaxy S4 MoDaCo Switch Indiegogo campaign quickly reaches its fundraising goal


The indiegogo page doesn't say whether this will be universal across all the different carrier versions. It just gives the basic GSM model number :(. I would like to donate as I was hoping this would come to the GS4 when I first saw it demoed on the HTC One. I just need some confirmation that this will definitely be hitting all the models (i545 here).

Posted via Android Central App

The Google Edition phones are based on the international versions of the One and S4, so that's probably why.

I've been running switch on my htc one for over a week. Very impressed.

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I gotta say this is pretty awesome. I will definitely have an impact in my decision when I replace my GNex.

Posted via Android Central App

It is great! I have been using it on my HTC one and it rocks! I love sense so I primarily use the sense rom but it's so nice having a choice! There are days I want aosp and this feeds my desires lol You all with the s4 will love it!

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WIll be interesting to see how this works after 4.3 with the new restrictions. As for seeing Sense on the Nexus 4 dont count on it. All this allows is to switch between 2 roms that are compatable on the device. As Sense is not compatable on the nexus 4 dont count on it.

Yeah. The ultimate goal is for switch to work with any two Roms you want. Eventually that is. I love it on my one so far.

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