This one's not for the kids -- Blitz Brigade is set in WWII, and is a team-based multiplayer shooter (it reminds me of Battlefield Heros) with plenty of action, and plenty of graphic imagery. We don't know much more than that, only that it's coming to Android and iOS soon. 

From the trailer, it looks like it will offer plenty of fun and plenty of blood, which should make it a hit. We'll know more when Gameloft shares a little. Until then, check out the video and imagine this one on your Android tablet.

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still1 says:

Never buying another app/game from gameloft. bought Ashalt 6 a while ago and its not compatible with Nexus 4 or Nexus 10. asphalt 7 seems to be compatible. screw them.

I agree - I bought Nova 3 for my transformer pad infinity and have never seen worse performance from a game. They also won't release wild blood on my device because the infinity's resolution is too high. Poor support as well. And most of their games are poor rip-offs of classics.

zachavm says:

looks like they ripped off team fortress and put it on mobile.

Jotokun says:

Definitely this... TF2 + vehicles - decent style.

Chocu1a says:

Right down to the music.

fndpena says:

exactly what I thought...

DWR_31 says:

I'm not ashamed. I bootleg Gameloft games just because of the non-compatibility issue. Be warned, when installing bootleg software you run a very big risk of getting malware!
I do by them too.
When they are a dollar or less on GooglePlay.

zachavm says:

There are ways you could get around it and still actually pay the developer.

Gearu says:

Gameloft and Zynga should merge, then one company can be responsible for ripping off both 2D and 3D games.

jtc276 says:

To the person who mentioned they bootleg only Gameloft games...I don't blame you at all. They absolutely never update any of their games to add new features or fix bugs. They literally could care less about you once you've thrown down your money for the app. Horrible developers. I try to stay away at all costs.

Wesley1 says:

I just really get ticked off that despite Gameloft's games being huge, like 1.5-3GB in size, they cannot be installed on an sd card without rooting, which is difficult considering the small onboard storage most phones and tablets have. Then also when they have an update available on Google Play, the updates are also huge sizes and will not download unless you have in the region of 1-3GB of free space available (unlikely on my device). If their updates basically do a full re-install of everything, why can't it automatically delete the old data to make space for the new?