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It appears Samsung's attention isn't just focused on bringing Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S3. Today we're starting to see the first Jelly Bean test firmware leaks for two of Samsung's current line-up of tablets -- the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. While Samsung has already confirmed that the Note 10.1 will get Jelly Bean, its plans for the Tab 2 line have yet to be confirmed. However, today's news would suggest it's well on its way towards receiving an update to Android 4.1. Bear i mind that both devices' updates are pre-release leaks of internal Samsung builds, meaning you should expect plenty of bugs if you device to take the plunge and install them.

Both leaked updates are also available for only the 3G versions of the tablets -- GT-N8000 and GT-P3100. So if your model number differs, you'll need to wait for a different leak, or the finalized Jelly Bean update. Also, you'll need to have your tablet on the most recent publicly-available firmware to begin -- check the source links for details of exactly which version you'll need to be running.

Aside from giving an early taste of Android 4.1 on Samsung tablets, these leaked builds may also be of use to custom ROM developers looking to bring Jelly Bean to these devices. Proprietary binaries are often needed to help newer versions of Android play nice with particular devices, so hopefully some code in these packages will be useful.

More details and downloads are linked below.

Source: SamMobile (Note 10.1), (Tab 2 7.0)


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First Android 4.1 Jelly Bean leaks appear for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Tab 2 7.0


The GT-P3100 (will) got the JB 4.1 update??
It seems unfair for the original P1000 (Galaxy Tab 7) that didn't even had ICS 4.0

Whatever happened to the rumours about the GS3 getting Jellybean? It felt like since IFA didn't introduce the update, no news has been up. I am certain it will receive Jellybean in the next few weeks, but comeon! More news about it damn it!

I just got the update pushed to my three day old Nexus 4G (Sprint) this morning. I am now rocking JB on my device! Thank you Sprint!!