Samsung Galaxy S

Our friends up north will be getting more Android lovin' starting in September, when Rogers is expected to launch Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone. While no specific version was announced, Android Headlines thinks the (currently AT&T exclusive) Captivate could be what Rogers is after (check out our hands-on and benchmarks). Their leak did not disclose any pricing information. 

This is great news for Canadian Android users, as it follows on the heels of Bell Canada picking up the Vibrant. Any Canucks out there planning on picking this bad boy up come September? [AndroidHeadlines]


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Canada's Rogers to offer Samsung Galaxy S come September


I would hope they went for the generic version, because as far as I know there is no north american outlet for that version. You can import them from England, (with AT&T bands) but the price is too high.

I am buying this phone without a doubt by picking the best version and unlocking it. That means I have to wait and see what Rogers brings, which as everyone says will likely be the Captivate and I have to wait and see what Telus comes with as well.

Given the choice of the Vibrant and the Captivate, the Vibrant will be my choice. The form factor on the Captivate is too much like the BB Storm which I have never been a fan of.

Damn, I had my girlfriend pick up the acer liquid E because her blackberry broke down and there was no news of this coming to rogers.

I bought a Captivate on launch day to use up here. It's still SIM locked to AT&T (damn it!), but the feel and style of it is WHY I went with the Captivate over the Galaxy S standard style.

You really need to see one in person, hold it and use it. You'll not confuse it with a Storm, trust me.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Rogers won't get the Captivate design, but would be happy to be proven wrong. What I expect they might get is the Euro/Asia design, complete with physical home key and FFC, on NAM frequencies. That would trump Bell's all-capacitive design and the FFC would be a big selling point, and Rogers has a history of supporting video calling.

I would for sure have a look at the Captivate and give it a chance, but dont have any trips to the states anytime soon or any reason to drive across the border.

I would love for Rogers to get the Euro version and for Telus to get the Epic, or the other way around, doesn't matter. What an awesome choice we would have then.

Of course they will all most likely cost $100 more here than south of the border. On top of that the extra data required on Rogers coming from a BlackBerry is going to cost me an arm and a leg.