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The interesting saga of Samsung Galaxy Nexus OTA's has now spread to Canada. Users of Bell Mobility in the Great White North are now reporting Android 4.0.2 is now setting off update notifications on their devices. This version is still a bit behind as some have since moved on to Android 4.0.3 but if nothing else it's interesting how the updates have been rolling out. If you're on Bell and have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus go ahead and check for updates.

Thanks, Mario!

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dimsdale says:

"This version is still a bit behind as some have since moved on to Android 4.0.3"

Sure. And plenty more have moved on to 4.0.4. I threw in the towel today and installed a 4.0.4 ROM. Got tired of waiting for VZW.

demzzy says:

no update here yet..

evaradar says:

No update here in Toronto

Actually, the highest OTA is still 4.0.2, so unless you're flashing a custom ROM you haven't moved on to 4.0.3 or higher.

Tango6 says:

No update here in Atlantic Canada. Still on 4.0.1.

redmanalishi says:

Me thinks Mario is telling tall tales. No reports of 4.0.2 Canadian yakjuux updates rolling out anywhere. And why would it be on only Bell when there is no specific 'Bell' Galaxy Nexus build? All Canadian Galaxy Nexus are the same regardless of carrier. Very fishy indeed. False alarm folks.

demzzy says:

couldnt have said it better.

jz687 says:

Nothing in Montreal yet...

eljedo says:

no update on the west coast either - that doesn't stop me from hammering my update button. i hope Mario isn't pulling our tails ^_^

wunderbar says:

No update here either.

joeykache says:

Okay, I've purchased the factory unlocked penta-band galaxy nexus and it seems like i'm still running 4.0.2. Is that what every one is running as well? I'm not resorting to root, i need the factory software for warranty purposes. Can someone reply and tell me if they're running 4.0.2?

abakri says:

Nothing yet Ottawa

Timbitman says:

I'm in Toronto and my Galaxy Nexus still hasn't received the update...

Vij says:

Sigh - nothing for me yet either. Has anyone received it??

Valdemar2012 says:

Nothing in Vancouver yet...

Timbitman says:

I just spoke with a man from Bell, we will be receiving the update "sometime in March"