HTC One X battery life

So you've got your shiny new HTC One X or One S, but maybe you're a little underwhelmed by its battery life. Given the phones' lack of removable batteries, you might think you're out of luck.

But aftermarket battery manufacturer Mugen Power thinks it has the answer -- user-serviceable battery replacement kits, which include instructions and tools for HTC One series owners to crack open their phones and perform a battery transplant.

A poll posting on the company's official Facebook page states --

We are looking into making extended batteries for HTC One Series phones that come with internal batteries. An intrusion manual will be provided to the user on how to open the phone and replace the internal battery with our battery with extended capacity.

As you may have seen, taking apart the One X in isn't for the faint of heart -- you'll need a generous supply of spudgers, some elbow grease and plenty of care if you want to take apart the phone and put it back together in working order. And of course doing so, even successfully, will void your warranty with HTC.

To us, this particular avenue sounds like a really bad idea, but all credit to Mugen for thinking outside the box here. Currently the self-service option leads in the company's Facebook poll, with the option to take the phone to a service center proving to be less popular.

HTC One owners, would you take your phone's life into your own hands and risk installing an aftermarket battery yourself? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Facebook; via: Android Central forums


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Battery maker considering HTC One extended batteries


Bummer is the individual HTC phones wont sell as well as the iphone will, so there's less incentive for a company like Mophie to make a battery case for one.
External batteries, while a little cumbersome, will probably be the solution for most people.
Sucks that you wont be able to pop in a fresh battery after a year or so. That was my favorite way to perk up an older phone, make it feel brand new.

Cool, I take phones apart several times a day. Seems like a perfectly great mod for myself. Hope they offer this to the EVO LTE folks as well.

It kills me that HTC has gone downhill so fast. I truly love my HTC Incredible but I now have come to the realization that I will probably never buy another HTC phone because (a) they use underpowered batteries (b) that are now sealed inside.

No HTC, I don't want a thinner phone. I want one where I can leave on all my radios and still be functional 24 hours from now.

+1 on that! I'd tear my Droid 4 apart in an instant to replace the battery with a 3rd party option!

Who in the hell thought a non-removable battery was a good idea in the first place? I can understand a phone not having an SD card slot or something, but the battery is going to have to be removed at some point, be it to replace it or just because the phone locked up.

If this trend continues, we're going to have tons of people out there breaking their phones just trying to replace the damn battery.

I was really leaning towards this phone until I read about the battery. Hopefully the SGS III's battery is removable.

There is this one company, don't know if you have heard of them or not.... Apple ... they have had success with their phones and non-removable batteries.

Not a valid comparison in my opinion....Yeah, true iPhone's have non-removable batteries, BUT their battery life is tremendous. Not being able to swap out the iphone's battery isn't a big deal because you can easily get a day's worth of juice out of it.

I don't know if I'd say "tremendous". My co-worker has iPhone and he's not happy with the battery life. Strange thing is the more you use the phone the shorter the battery life - who would have thought of that correlation before :)

I shared with him that the iPhone also doesn't have 4g, so imagine how bad the battery life would be if your phone sucked more juice to support that connection. He said he'd probably throw the phone out the window. His dip into iPhone (he used to have old Android) is short lived, his wife is getting an Android device after seeing how slick my Nexus is (even with some of the warts the current ROM has).

Wait, you think a day's worth of juice is tremendous? I get one and a half days with my One X, that is while playing games and all that... Just using the essentials I might even hit 2.. and I wouldn't call that tremendous at all.

Yah, really bad idea. The risk of damaging the phone is too high for a slight bump in battery capacity. This type of thing should be left to those who are highly skilled at it and have all the proper tools. Even then there is the potential for damage even if just cosmetic. You crack the case open and you own it for better or worse. There's no turning back.

I've got void stickers that keep my HTC Warranty intact. Plus, I've been certified for years, many models. This will be an easy mod.

Meh, I will be voiding the warranty on my Android phone within hours of turning it on and installing AOKP on it.

HTC should look at motorola and put a larger battery in the first place. Might be a thinner phone, but not much use if it can not get you through the day.

ive said it before and ill say it again. htc has always had the worst battery life. there is no reason why all of these new powerhouses do not ship with large slimline batteries like the razr maxx has, no reason!

people are not going to do this in fear they will void their warranties.


*Stock* HTC devices have always had the worst battery life. Sense is the most battery hungry of all the manufacturers skins & it doesn't look like Sense 4 is any better. Heck, my trusty old Droid Incredible has great battery life running CM 7.2 & that is while using the nearly 2yr old stock battery. You hardly ever see people with HTC devices complaining about their battery life when they are running a custom ROM.

I do agree with you that they just need to get over the desire of having a super thin phone & give customers a beefier battery as long as they are forcing Sense down our throats.

That's because you hardly see anyone running around with custom ROM's on a HTC or any are part of the tiny minority.

There's a reason every phone made since the dawn of time, with the singular exception of the iphone, has had replaceable batteries. They are just too useful and few people outside apple's flock believe that having a dead piece of jewelry is superior to a fully functioning phone that isn't quite as pretty.

HTC's unreplaceble battery is as idiotic an imitation of the iphone as microsoft's single tasking phone 7 OS.

Now watch apple figure out how to make a pretty replaceable battery to make HTC look even more idiotic, just like their multitasking IOS4 made complete fools of microsoft.


Really bad idea, especially since aftermarket (non oem) batteries are normally not worth anything other than cheap spare batteries for phones with removable batteries, they may be rated higher than the stock battery but they almost never deliver any additional battery life. A much better idea would be a wrap around case with an embedded battery, they make some for iphones I know

The dimensions given are for the box it came in.

Looking at the pictures next to a phone you can clearly see that the charger is about the same size as a phone, not the 7 inches claimed in the page.

Still the Anker is smaller. looking at the pictures.

Personally I ordered the Anker Astro2 Dual USB Output 8400mAh unit, because we often have two phones with us needing charging at the same time. Its thicker but still about the sane width and height as a normal phone.

I would install a battery, but not from Mugen. Their batteries are advertised at higher capacity than they really are.

I change out busted screens for friends all the time. I would welcome the availability of a larger capacity battery for the One X.

Taking things apart is something I've done since I was 6 or 7. My favorite toy was a screwdriver.

I don't get it. Why complicate things when there are those obvious 5 contact pins on the back of One X. Just make an extended battery pack to hold the phone with those contact pins touched, and you get extended battery life. If one of those 5 pins purposes is not for charging then what are they used for? Anyone with me?

Isn't some company already doing this for the RAZR, turning it into a RAZR Maxx?

I am honestly NOT trying to be sexist here (just surmising) but I wonder if design is being influenced by female consumer feedback? Think about it in the world of goods marketed towards women, when is thick and BULKY EVER a desirable thing? I would love to see the choice between size and battery life split between men and women. Most of the guys I know would definitely learn to live with a bit more size if it meant charging less. In my experience, guys have a higher tolerance for work around and inconvenience. Do you know how many of my wife's nice expensive handbags never leave the house because they are "too bulky"? I mean WTF? Then why did you spend $800 on it? Sorry,I digress :)

Sigh, slim is in I guess. Whose idea was it to let women make their own money anyway? Now, I'm trying to be sexist. :p

You obviously don't know a lot about women.

Lets think about things that men and women carry daily:

Keychain -
Men - Keep it simple, unadorned with just the main keys and perhaps one decoration
Women - Tons of crap, toys, gadgets, keys for everything, supermarket cards, souvenirs from 10 countries.

Wallet -
Men - Usually bifold to keep it slim, yet still pocketable. Try not to fill it with too much crap, gets uncomfortable if you do. Carry the necessities.

Women - Usually a freakin mini-purse in itself with 20 different slots and pockets all over the place, holds receipts, 10 credit cards, lots of bills, family photo album, spare change, etc.

So I'm saying from a FUNCTIONAL standpoint, women have no objection to bulky phones. I know a woman who got a Galaxy Note, which I would never, ever get because it wouldn't fit in my pocket, but she stashed it in her purse just fine.

Ha! YOU obviously don't know much about men. My key chain is so loaded between work and home, I have to use a sectional and my wallet has so many damn cards (medical, insurance, rewards, credit, ID) that I'm constantly checking to see if there is anything I can get rid of and I refuse to carry it in my pocket because of its bulk. I was OBVIOUSLY generalizing (there is always going to be exceptions to the rule silly). And, like I said, it would be interest to see a poll split the way I suggested. Any man who claims to know a lot about women is either a liar or trying to sell you something :)

Please post some links to sites stating that the processor for the Evo is more efficient.

Nobody has battery benched these two phones yet.

Honestly, I've never replaced the battery in any phone. I've done a battery pull on some terrible phones, but even those times I knew there was another way to do a hard reset and I was too lazy to do it.

I've never carried multiple batteries, and I've never had a battery go bad. I do carry my charger around, an that's fine for me and probably 90% of the people that will buy a phone from the HTC One series.

Admittedly, I was only on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday, not even enough to register in the top 8 apps, but I still got 17 hrs on my One-X. Wifi all day. Battery life is not that good running around on HSPA.

Personally, my job has me out and about, and not near a power source alot of the day. But, I'm on my phone a ton, with only a so-so signal. Not being able to change batteries is very disappointing for me, but I can totally see it not affecting a lot of people. So, as much as I want a EVO 4G LTE, it just makes more sense "for me" to get the galaxy nexus. I understand why HTC is doing what they're doing, it just doesn't fit my particular needs, whick SUCKS, cause I currently love my OG Evo :( hope the galaxy nexus is decent.

Just get a Razr Maxx! I love this phone the battery life is amazing. I got 27 hours on one charge. I have yet to find anything bad about this phone.

External battery chargers FTW

Currently my GS2 LTE lasts about 24 full hours with roughly 4 hours of on-screen time, which is obviously plenty for normal situations.

As long as the One X can match this.. and it better, since they have similar battery-draining specs (except higher res screen & newer processor), then its fine. I'll get a compact external charger for back up on days where I may miss an outlet (camping? I dont know what else..)

And Here's how frugal I love my One X. I left it uncharged at 43% battery life and went to bed. 9 Hours later I woke up it still had 42% with 3 mail notifications and 1 message.

The stand by mode uses only 1% of juice per 9 hour.

To me that's amazing. Love OTA 1.28

Why cant someone use the docking pins as part of a case with an external battery? It needs to be something like a hinged spectacle case so that its charging while its stored in the case and you when you take it out it will be fully charged.

Ok, i've read all the comments, and i always listen to everyone's point of view. i have the o.g. evo 4g. awesome phone, awful stock battery life, everyone knows this. hence they came out with extended batteries for the evo 4g which pretty much solved that problem. Sprint has a nascar app where you can listen to the spotters, crew chiefs and drivers live without having to rent/buy one of those scanners at the track. People next to me who did not have that or had a scanner were kinda jealous, but thats not my point. My point is, i took 2 extended batteries to the race and when the first one died, i just popped in the second one on the fly and after a few minutes was back listening to the race and was able to listen to the whole race. That said, i hear the people on here that say "my one x or evo lte's battery lasts me all day for what i do." and that's fine, but WHY take away the option? if you never have to change your battery based on what you do throughout the day,then the removable battery option still would not affect you, but what about the people who's lives were made a lot easier because of that option, like the guy who said he works out in the field where there are no outlets to charge? I mean, no i dont keep that second battery with me at all times, just maybe if i'm going to events (six flags,ball games, road trips)and most of the time one was enough, but just to know i had that second battery was very nice. Now that option is gone, in favor of an external battery (much bigger than an extra battery, plus i have to have it connected to the phone, unlike just popping in the next battery and going) or taking a chance on ruining my phone by taking it apart. It just seems like a bad sales choice for HTC not to leave the battery situation alone, thus leaving options open for all people who use their phones in different ways.Even if they wanted to make the evo lte slim, i could still pop out a dead slim one and put in a charged slim one, like the S III does. But they sealed it and took away that option. I dont get it. (sorry so long)

I'm amazed they haven't made an extended battery case that works by plugging into your usb port. I mean its more like a portable charger but same concept pretty much and you dont have to worry about getting to your battery. Plus I think it would be cheaper to produce since alot of phones are close enough to the same size.