Galaxy S4

Preorder shipping updates have gone out, and they're full of good news

If you preordered your Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T, keep an eye on your inbox. AT&T has sent out updates to at least a few people stating the following:

Thank you for ordering the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 from AT&T. We are excited to announce that we are able to ship devices earlier than originally expected. Customers who preordered their smartphone early can begin receiving it as soon as April 25th.

They go on to say that shipping notices will be sent as soon as devices leave the shelves, and of course thanking folks for their order. 

The actual release date for the phone is a bit of a mystery. We've heard dates from April 23 to May 1, and nothing seems to stick -- today AT&T says shipping April 30 on their own site, which matches up with what we saw originally

Update: AT&T has now slated a release in-stores of April 27 via their Twitter account.

What we do know is that official communication from AT&T says April 25, for at least some folks. If you preordered yours, did you get the same message? Shout out in the comments!

Thanks, Craig!

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Raptor007 says:

Lucky bums, glad to see AT&T is kicking the devices out early and into users hands. Sadly for me I am stuck waiting . . . for AT&T to release the 32GB version, I simply don't accept 16GB of internal storage.

reeper55 says:

Hearing that your device is shipping early never sucks!

curse76 says:

I got my email. It states that, I'll have my Galaxy S4 by the 25th! Go AT&T and Samsung.

Jay Holm says:

But then again, really ,the internal memory is
only for apps, music & pictures can still be stored on
a 64GB microsd card, which by the way I got
a couple months ago for only 46.99 on Amz!!!
That comes out to be 73 cents a gig, pretty damn good

jtc276 says:

I was going to wait for the 32gb, but I have a 64gb MicroSD so there isn't really any point. Like Jay Holm said, if you have an SD card, the internal storage is pretty much only for apps and the 9-10 gbs available will be plenty for me in that area. And if it's not, there are many ways to store apps on an SD card when rooted, but I'm not sure if I'll even need that.

Jay Holm says:

I have a Samsung Droid Charge, no apps saved
on sd card, 2GB's of internal memory, and I'm just fine.

But it's because of the sd expansion that the
16gigs is exceptable, because if Samsung took
the same route as HTC, 16gigs total, like on
the HTC Droid DNA is totally unacceptable!!!

I hear some high-end games can take up well over a gig.

TKL74 says:

Yea, take an example of Dungeon Hunter 4, one of the latest game by Gameloft. It is freaking 900 MB! Future update will have it well above 1GB for sure.

ShaggyM8 says:

When verizon finally tells us when they start preorders, they better say we the option of 16, 32, 64 GB or else....... or else I'll probably have to keep waiting T_T

Darthbull says:

Got the same email too. :) Woohoo, I'm excited. Hopefully I get it in time to return my HTC One. I have to say that Sense is not for me. Great hardware, can't stand the software.

vinayp88 says:

got my email at 5:14 PM EST. excited to get my phone this week. taking my busted iphone 5 to the water and chucking it as far i can.

jangofei says:

It is perfect to use S4 with this to add extenal storage!!!

hannahe26 says:

i got the same email!!!! cant wait to be swtiching from apple to samsung!!!! its a big step but im so ready to not be restricted anymore! Come sooner april 25th!

sk8trix says:

I got an email saying it would ship the 25th I got my termination fee waived cause I told them if I couldn't upgrade I would go to sprint, they believed me who would use sprint in this day and age...

Magarnical says:

Just got my notification that one of my s4's was picked up! Should be here on Thursday! From Texas to Mich not bad...

vinayp88 says:

got my notification ship tracking number. will have the GS4 thursday!!! looks like at&t are doing two day shipping. wish they did it overnight...

Got my shipping confirmation from Sprint will have S4 today, they are sending overnight shipping. Cant wait!