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Owners of an unbranded Samsung Galaxy S3 in Australia have cause for celebration -- the Android 4.1.2 update is reportedly rolling out to those devices right now. The guys at Ausdroid received the initial tip from one of their readers, and it seems the update is available to download via KIES. There's no word on an OTA variant pushing out just yet. 

Besides the 'Premium Suite' goodies the 4.1.2 update brings such as Multi Window, it's also said to contain fixes for the Exynos exploit and the so called 'sudden-death' that was affecting some handsets. If you own one of these eligible Galaxy S3s and have snagged the update for yourselves, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below, or head on into the Samsung Galaxy S3 forums.

Source: Ausdroid

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I'm in Australia, but have an overseas unlocked phone (Hong Kong, CSC is TGY). I'm going to try flashing this Australian ROM onto my phone with Odin.

hey there wally, i have done this china and Bali version phone, worked a treat everything is in English now.

zero1024 says:

I have the UAE unbranded Galaxy S3 and got the update OTA.

SlappyMcgee says:

I hope those of us on Att see this update soon.

Nehal Raza says:

its a nice update , there is new option to toggle between multi windows and chrome,Group cast and paper artist applications are added .

I'm on an unbranded GTI9305 LTE via Optus. It received an update a few weeks ago, but not the update discussed here. Why has this long-awaited update not yet been made available? Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks. David.