Amazon MP3 updated to v2.0.3, bug fixes included

Looks as though Amazon decided today was going to be the day to push some updates. Following up on their Amazon Appstore update, they've now updated Amazon MP3 to v2.0.3. Although it's just mostly bug fixes, one thing that will stand out is the addition of lock screen controls to the player. Check out the full list below:

  • Added lock-screen music controls
  • Enabled playback using preset equalizer modes for Gingerbread and Honeycomb (Android OS 2.3+)
  • Enabled the app to remember the last playing song after the app or device goes to sleep
  • Enabled skipping back to the previous song using Bluetooth player controls

Certainly some welcomed changes there -- jump on past the break for the Android Market download or, you can fire up the Amazon Appstore and grab it from there.

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jigz23 says:

Nice, finally fixed all those forced closures on my thunderbolt! Thank you amazon.

Kodros says:

People are having issues with it not playing their music. I can't on my Droid running CM7.

Darkblue31 says:

It's been updated again and the change log has cm /xoom issues. Its on Version 2.04 now

icebike says:

And its pretty cool that Amazon is releasing fixes targeted DIRECTLY at CM7 users exactly one day after the mainstream release.

Cooler still if they had tested with CM7, but far better than the 2 to 3 months between bug fix releases in the Apple App store.

mavricxx says:

Please bring this App to the Playbook.

Sean Brunett says:

Until there is a dedicated app, you can use the Playbook's browser (which supports Flash). Have heard it works flawlessly and that the sound is really good

kofman13 says:

thats great... it still wont play the song unless its 70% or 100% loaded. and even at 100% im lucky if it plays

GuyverV says:

this is going to become my only music player very soon...

Jonneh says:

It already is mine, well, when my zune's not around, that is.

Clak says:

I don't see any lock screen controls.

Darkblue31 says:

go into the app, go to settings, scroll down and see playback settings

Clak says:

Ah I see, thanks. This will be handy in the car when I don't want to fool with unlocking the screen.