YouTube Gaming on Android

Update: The YouTube Gaming web portal is now live as well. Google has also announced the service will only be for US and UK residents at first, with more countries to be added later.

Original story: Google is finally making its move to battle Twitch in the popular live game streaming market with the previously announced launch of YouTube Gaming. The new service aims to put the power and reach of YouTube into the hands of game streaming content creators and fans.

The service has already launched its Android app, and its web portal and iOS apps are expected to be released soon. Google has already announced that fans of watching live game streams will be able to check out 25,000 individual titles with dedicated YouTube Gaming pages. Content creators will have access to 60fps stream support, along with DVR features and a way to convert their live streams quickly into regular YouTube videos.

We have already posted our early impressions of the YouTube Gaming Android app, based on playing an older beta version. You can download the official version of the Android app right now in the Google Play Store

Source: YouTube Gaming