Don't wait — the Galaxy Watch 5 is super cheap right now ahead of Unpacked

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If you already have or just bought a Galaxy smartphone, you may be looking for a smartwatch to go with it. There are plenty of options, but the best option for you is to stay in-brand. Fortunately, the latest Galaxy Watch 5 series is on sale for Prime Day, meaning you can find a watch for you at a great price. At more than 40% off, the Galaxy Watch is definitely worth a look at, even in the wake of Samsung's upcoming launch.

The Galaxy Watch 5 builds on its predecessor by throwing in larger batteries and an improved health sensor for better accuracy and more features. It does all this while keeping the same great design and snappy software. With 1.5GB of RAM and a more modern chipset, the watch performs incredibly well and almost feels like using a Samsung smartphone in watch form. That's why I love it so much, and I honestly think this is a hot Prime Day deal you shouldn't miss.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm (Wi-Fi): $279

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm (Wi-Fi): $279 $151 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm (Wi-Fi): $309 $172 at Amazon

The Galaxy Watch 5 is easily the most impressive Wear OS smartwatch to ever grace our wrists. Samsung continues to impress us with its top-notch hardware and software, which is why this is a smartwatch worth considering for Prime Day.

The Galaxy Watch 5 isn't my first (or only) smartwatch, but since I got one, I hardly ever take it off. It tracks my workouts surprisingly well, integrates with my Galaxy S22 better than I expected, and lasts more than a day on a single charge. And Samsung's software support is great, as the company is always adding new features or watch faces.

In fact, I got the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch, which, in addition to the Wi-Fi version above, is also on sale for Prime Day. Not everyone needs a smartwatch with LTE, but I find it quite handy when it comes to streaming music, navigating, or taking calls when my phone isn't around. Both watches also come in 44mm sizes for those of you with bigger wrists.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm (LTE): $329

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm (LTE): $329 $229 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm (LTE): $359 $259 at Amazon

The LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 5 takes things up a notch. You won't be completely tethered to your phone, allowing you to stream music or take calls and texts while you're out and about.

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event is at the end of July when the company is expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6. And while there may be a few upgrades here and there, we would still recommend the Galaxy Watch 5, especially when it costs so little to buy what's probably the best Android smartwatch available right now.

Otherwise, you can check out some of the other Prime Day smartwatch deals we've highlighted. But don't dilly-dally because these deals are only available for a limited time!

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