NBA GameTime

Sports fans who also own an Android TV product such as the new Nexus Player will be able to watch as much pro basketball as they can stand, thanks to the newly-launched NBA GameTime app.

With the current NBA season just getting started, Android TV owners will be able to watch a ton of content on the NBA GameTime app. Google states:

In the United States, you can now follow your favorite teams and catch every pick, roll, dunk and long-range three, live with an NBA League Pass. While you're at it, grab the Android apps for your other devices so you can cheer on your team from your couch, on your tablet in bed, and on your phone under your desk at work.

There's also a newly launched Android TV app for MLB.TV, but since the 2015 pro baseball season won't begin for several months, fans will have to settle for watching full videos and recaps from every game in the 2014 season from that application. Of course, MLB fans will be able to use the app to watch live games when the new season begins in the spring.

We are still early in Android TV's history but the new NBA and MLB apps show its potential. What other pro sports app would you like to see show up on Android TV?

Source: Google