As you start adding more smart tech to your home, the appliances around the house that aren't smart begin to stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, replacing all of the existing devices in your home with smart versions just isn't feasible. That's precisely where smart plugs come in. They are a super handy way to add some intelligence to dumb appliances around your home without spending a fortune and today you can do just that with Topgreener's discounted smart plugs at Amazon. The 4-pack is down to just $25.49 shipped when you use code X6FU868N during checkout, dropping it lower than ever before. Considering the set of 4 usually sells for nearer $40, that's a stellar saving. The 2-pack and individual plugs are also discounted.

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Topgreener Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring

Snap up some Alexa and Google Assistant-compatible plugs at Amazon and save up to 36% in the process. The best option is the 4-pack which drops down to just $25.49 thanks to the below code.

$25.49 $38.99 $14 off

With coupon: X6FU868N

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The Topgreener 15A smart plugs are pretty similar to many others on the market in terms of functionality and compatibility, though they offer something a lot of others don't — energy monitoring. Like any smart plug, you can use this to turn your electronics on and off remotely. You can also use the free accompanying app to set schedules and integrate your plugs into other smart home scenes or automations. These plugs work great with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too, so you can use your Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini to control your appliances with just your voice.

On top of all that, you can monitor just how much energy your device is using. You can even get real-time reports on the energy your device uses. This is particularly great with something like a space heater or other large power-consuming electronics where you want to see just how much power is going into it, or simply find out how much energy your TV actually uses when you leave it on standby all day, every day.

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