Best smart home devices 2024

Nowadays, smart home devices are everywhere, and it's not difficult to integrate intelligent technology and helpful features into nearly every aspect of your life. Whether you're just getting started or you're looking to upgrade, we've gathered all of the best smart home devices in every category and dropped them below for your perusal.

The list below ranges broadly from doorbells to smart lights and security devices, but if you want to narrow down these options to specific categories, don't forget that we have a whole section of the site dedicated to smart home devices.

What are the best smart home devices?

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You deserve the best smart home gadgets

Whether you live in an old farmhouse like I do or a newly built home, there are plenty of ways to make it smarter. By simply adding smart lights, you can not only add convenience and lighting flexibility to your home, but you'll also save money. While smart products generally cost more than their dumb counterparts, that extra money can be recouped thanks to the added efficiencies smart devices bring.

From a smart thermostat automatically adjusting the temperature when you aren't home to the ability to dim lights or turn off automatically when you aren't home, your home will use less electricity. By connecting these devices to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you get a single app to manage all of your smart home items, and you'll gain voice control. Another option is Samsung SmartThings to manage your devices and pick up even more automation options. These are the best smart devices you can get regardless of where you are in your smart home journey.

Looking to dive deeper or maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed? The best way to start setting up your smart home ecosystem is to invest in some smart assistant technology. Check out our guides to the best smart speaker and best smart display to get started.

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