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Best Nanoleaf smart lights 2022

Nanoleaf is known for its unique lighting fixtures that range from the tile within a tile look of Nanoleaf Canvas panels to some of the best smart lights that lean more in the traditional smart light bulb category. Its product line literally comes in nearly all shapes and sizes, so picking out the best Nanoleaf smart lights can be challenging — but we're here to help.

Smart lights with options

There are so many smart light products on the market. So whether you are looking for the best smart lights for gaming or simply some of the best smart lights as a way to further express your creative side in your home with lighting that will do more than just brighten up a room — Nanoleaf has you covered.

Part of the fun of what Nanoleaf lights can offer is the variety of ways to arrange the light panels and Lines. From taking the panels and setting them up into a rudimentary geometric shape or linear pattern to recreating your favorite icons from a video game, Nanoleaf truly gives you more expressive ways to light your home. If you need a starting point for a lighting layout, we have found some of the best custom shapes for your Nanoleaf lights to get you going.

Chris Wedel
Senior Editor - Smart Home
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