What is the difference between Nest Renew and Nest Renew Premium?

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Best answer: Nest Renew Basic is free and helps users understand the quality of the energy coming into their homes so they can make more informed decisions regarding their electricity usage. Nest Renew Premium is available for a fee and offers extra features, including Clean Energy Match.

What is the difference between Nest Renew and Nest Renew Premium?

When you're shopping for a smart thermostat, you'll come across a wide range of options. One of the most popular products on the market is the Nest Thermostat. This easy-to-install thermostat offers a sleek design and an intuitive user interface that can be navigated through a series of taps and swipes.

Nest makes some of the best smart thermostats on the market. One great feature is that you can control your thermostat via Google Assistant or the Google Home app from anywhere in the world. Additionally, users will have access to Nest Renew. The basic option is available to join for free and will provide important information regarding your home's energy.

Nest Renew will tell you when the energy coming into your home is cleaner and when it's not so clean. This gives you the option to use electricity at optimal times. Another included feature is Energy Shift, which allows you to prioritize the usage of cleaner or less expensive energy. Other perks include access to monthly challenges and helpful energy-saving tips.

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You'll also collect Renew Leafs when your Nest Thermostat is in a mode and temperature that is most efficient and provides an opportunity to extend further your positive impact. When you collect enough of these leaves, you'll be able to vote on where Nest Renew funds should go, which are directed to non-profits through the Energy Impact Program.

Users may also want to consider the Nest Renew Premium option, which is currently available in select locations for $10 per month. You'll have access to all of the features included with Nest Renew Basic, as well as some other additional features.

Clean Energy Match is a way to contribute towards more clean renewable energy to offset traditional fossil fuel electricity.

Nest Renew Premium gives you access to Clean Energy Match. This feature is designed to match the estimated fossil fuel electricity your home consumes with clean energy from wind and solar plants across the United States. Users will also receive an easy-to-read monthly bill that includes their Nest Renew Premium fee and other utility charges.

Keep in mind that Nest Renew is only compatible with specific models. You'll need the newest Nest Thermostat, a third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat, or Nest Thermostat E. Additionally, your Nest Thermostat will need to be connected to a Google account to use Nest Renew.

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