Best Google Home compatible devices 2024: Google Assistant smart devices

Alongside Alexa and Siri, Google Assistant reigns as one of the most popular smart assistants on the market. It finds a home in compatible devices as diverse as smartwatches, phones, smart speakers, and beyond.

In addition to the devices it's built into, Google Assistant has integrations with hundreds, if not thousands, of other smart devices and services. What follows is a list of some of our favorites, broken down by category, from smart lights and home security to streaming services.

Smart lights

When you use some of the best smart lights, they are easy to set up and use and the most fun way to start building out your smart home network. Multiple brands, like Philips Hue, Govee, Nanoleaf, and more, offer complete collections of smart lighting solutions that work well with Google Assistant.

Home automation

Home automation is an extensive category that includes things like Wi-Fi-connected plugs, thermostats, utility sensors, and much more. We've highlighted some of our favorite systems to get your home running on all cylinders. All of these products work with Google Assistant for voice control.


More Google Assistant-compatible smart appliances are hitting the market all the time. From vacuums to coffee makers, from ceiling fans to smartwatches, there is a smart appliance to work with Google Assistant for any room.


One of the fastest-growing categories for smart home devices is the security space. Keeping tabs on who's coming and going near your residence is essential. Smart home devices can protect points of entry by coordinating lighting, while indoor and outdoor smart cameras and alarm systems monitor all areas of your home. It's where Google Assistant excels. So here are some of our top-recommended security devices that work security magic with Google Assistant.


Whether you call it the living room, rec room, or "the den," we're still all talking about the place where your main TV resides in your home. Google Assistant can control many of your entertainment needs, whether you want to start a dance party or use your voice to play your favorite show on Netflix. We've rounded up the best smart home products specifically for entertaining you and your family, from Bluetooth speakers to Android TVs.


In our opinion, one of the best ways to use Google Assistant is to ask it to play whatever music you are in the mood for. So it doesn't matter if you're using your phone, Nest smart speaker, or Android TV, these music services integrate with Google Assistant for quick access to your favorite tunes.


Whether you ask Google Assistant to cast your favorite TV show or movie to a Chromecast device or you request playback on a Nest Hub, it can be liberating to start watching shows hands-free. Here are our favorite services that have Google Assistant integration.

Answers, assistance, and entertainment

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Google Assistant is a valuable tool because it connects you to the vast resources of Google and to an extensive network of valuable Google Home compatible devices and services. However, navigating the plethora of integrations available for Google Assistant can be tricky: how do you know which ones are worthy of your time and money? That's where we come in!

Out of all of the devices on this list, one of our absolute favorites is the Google Nest Hub Max. Not only can you see and control your smart home and smart security devices, it also serves as an amazing display for your photos, video and music streaming, and on-demand research.

If you're like us, you may have been surprised to learn that even sophisticated home automation devices like the LeakSmart Water Leak Detection Kit or appliances like the Haiku smart ceiling fan had support for the Google Assistant — what a game-changer!

One of our most common use cases for Google Assistant is controlling our favorite streaming media services like YouTube Music and YouTube.

It's clear to us that you'll never run out of use cases for the Google Assistant.

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