Pumpkin Crush

With Halloween just a few short weeks away all things spooky are coming out of the woodwork. That's true on your Smartwatch as well with Spooky Pumpkin Smash on Android Wear. This fun matching style games has tons of options, and involves matching up and subsequently smashing pumpkins. Besides who doesn't want to smash some pumpkins without having to worry about the mess?

Let's take a look.

Pumpkin Crush defaults

Spooky House Pumpkin Smash is a fun matching game. There are well over a dozen modes of play and each one has it's own rules. Thankfully when you open any of the modes you'll get the rules as a transparent overlay. Generally the explanations tend to be short but they are succint and get the point across pretty well. There is enough variety amongst the modes that it can almost feel like playing a different game. At the bottom of the mode list there is a tiny button that says 'how do I play?' tapping it will allow you to view how each mode works.

Now the game always retains the same basic graphics. There are 8 rows of multi-colored pumpkins, and depending on the mode you might get special power-up pumpkins. As you make each match you'll see a tiny animation of the pumpkins exploding, before they are replaced by the next set of pumpkins. We didn't have any issues with playing the game either, even considering the amount of content on the screen. There are only two options in your setting menu, available from the main screen on your Smartwatch. You can enable or disable notifications, as well as deciding on the speed of the animations within the game.

Pumpkin Crush options

Spooky House Pumpkin Crush is available now for free on The Google Play Store. This fantastically small game has tons of modes of play and works well even on a tiny screen. It works fantastically well and is definitely one of the best Android Wear games out there right now. If you're a fan of matching style games, or games on Android Wear we definitely recommend giving this game a shot.