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After a short beta period, Shadowgun: DeadZone is now free for everybody to play. The slick graphics and fast-paced third-person shooting action aren't the only things to look forward to; Shadowgun: DeadZone also has a research system in place so players can work towards new and innovative implements of destruction. Perks add a needed level of customizability, equipment and varying classes offer plenty of personalization, and with 12-player matches with voice support, you'll never be lacking for targets.

It's free, though that also means you'll be prodded into making in-app purchases pretty regularly. For a game this slick, isn't it worth the nuisance, though? They are getting a little pushy and Battlefield 3-ish with a premium account up-sell. It looks like device compatibility is slightly limited... Were you able to install it successfully? How many of y'all played the beta?