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The Android-powered Ouya game console is still on schedule according to the developers' latest update, and they've confirmed that it will launch with Jelly Bean. It wouldn't be surprising to see Android 4.2 folded in before the planned launch early next year, even though that version was just unveiled a few days ago. Apparently the Ouya folks have been busy talking with developers over the last few months, which is key considering porting high-resolution games to the big screen and optimizing controls for Ouya's hardware will be key to its initial success. 

To that end, they've outlined a few tips for developers in advance of the December launch of the Ouya SDK. For example, the gamepad will have a single-finger touchpad and a button for system-wide access to shutting down or quitting a game, but none of the familiar buttons like back or menu. Apps should be ready to run at 720p, 1080p, and 1080i resolutions. Notifications aren't employed, and all games are effectively free (though laden with ads and in-app purchases as the game creators see fit). Finally, Ouya reminds app-makers that the system is built for Tegra, and that anyone itching to get their game optimized should test with an Nvidia-powered Android tablet. 

As for the hardware, they've got the circuit boards printed, and are busy optimizing software and preparing dev kits for those that got in early. 

So, who backed Ouya? Any developers getting ready to make their games ready for the promising young system?

Source: Ouya