Humble Mobile Bundle

The Humble Bundle team has launched their latest Android-based collection of games that can be purchased with the "pay what you want" business model. This time, the Humble Mobile Bundle has a collection of classic NEOGEO games to check out.

Android owners can pay whatever they want to get Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, King of Fighters '97, Blazing Star and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. If they pay more than the average amount, which is currently $4.61, they can get three more games: Metal Slug 3, Fatal Fury Special and Samauri Showdown II. Normally, all of these games would cost $23 if bought separately.

The Humble NEOGEO Android Mobile Bundle has an extra special offer as well. People who purchase the bundle for $29.99 or above will not only get all those games (plus any that will be added later) but an exclusive Metal Slug t-shirt to celebrate NEOGEO's 25th anniversary. The t-shirt will be shipped in October. This new Humble Mobile Bundle deal will expire on Monday, August 3.

Source: Humble Bundle