Latest humble bundle offers up 10 titles from developer Tin Man Games

This time around, Humble Bundle is offering up 10 digital gamebooks from developer Tin Man Games. If you're unfamiliar with the digital gamebook genre, think of it as a variation on the "choose your own adventure" style books from your childhood mixed with a hefty helping of RPG elements.

As usual, more games will be added to the bundle as the sale goes on, but here's what you can pick up if you decide to pull the trigger today:

  • Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106
  • Slaves of Rema
  • Siege of the Necromancer
  • An Assassin in Orlander
  • Trial of the Clone
  • Curse of the Assassin
  • Fighting Fantasy: Caverns of the Snow Witch
  • Sultans of Rema
  • Ryan North's To Be or Not To Be
  • Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller

As with all Humble Bundles, this one is divided into sections. You can pay whatever you want for the first four titles, while you'll have to pay more than the average ($5.57 at the time of this writing) to snag the next four. Finally, you'll have to shell out $9 or more to pick up Ryan North's To Be or Not To Be and Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller.

If you're interested in getting in on this bundle, you can hit up the source link below to pick up the Humble Tin Man Bundle now.

Source: Humble Bundle