Boss Monster

Boss Monster, a game in which you become a boss, build dungeons, and destroy heroes, is now available to download in Google Play. The creators of Boss Monster, Brotherwise Games, has partnered with video game developer, Plain Concepts, to convert the tabletop card game into a playable video game. Virtual playing cards are used to give an authentic feel, but things such as damages and treasures are now done digitally instead.

The game, which is essentially the reverse of a role-playing game, has a ton of great features. Some of them include:

  • Play against up to three AI opponents in solo play.
  • Challenge other human opponents online.
  • Play with ALL of the bosses, rooms, and spells available in the base game ... including rare out-of-print cards!
  • Explore new "digitally-enhanced" cards: four rooms, three new Bosses, and a new spell that all take advantage of the digital platform, allowing stats and treasure values to change as you play (coming in future expansions).

Whether you have played the card version of this game, or are just looking for something new to play, be sure to check this one out. The game itself is available now as a free download, with additional content available through in-app purchases.