The Galaxy Note 7, to keep things short, had an interesting life. After being recalled twice, the phone was reborn earlier this year as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition. Now, people in the U.S. who owned Samsung's late-2016 flagship will have a reason to celebrate that phone's short life — at least now.

Samsung is tweaking its typical phone trade-in discount for former Note 7 owners moving to a Note 8, giving them extra trade-in value up to a total of $425 toward the new phone. As we've seen with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the trade-in phone could be just about anything recently released, with the actual discount received dependent on the make and condition of the phone being traded in.

Given how expensive the Note 8 is, that'll go a long way toward the cost of the new phone. This isn't a particularly unique discount considering it's done very similar offers for previous phones, but tossing a few extra dollars on top for all of those Note 7 fans that were disappointed in the Note 7's recall is a good move.

Would you trade your current device for a discount on the Note 8? Let us know down below!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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