iPhone line in London

Here's to all the people last Friday who waited in line ...

... to take their kids to school.
... to adopt a child.
... for a long-awaited doctor appointment.
... to interview for a much-needed new job.
... in the unemployment line.
... for a much-needed free meal
... or for a place to sleep for the night.
... flying to see loved ones.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited for a new toy, or waiting in line hours and hours to get it, if that's what you want to do.

It is, however, important to keep things in perspective. These are phones. And as powerful and awesome as they are — and same goes for the jobs that come along with them — they are still toys.

Other thoughts on things ...

  • I will, however, entertain the discussion that it's as much about being in line with the people as it is waiting for a thing.
  • But that doesn't make waiting in a line that long any less silly.
  • I completely understand why developers aren't all that keen on Google mandating a physical mailing address on all Google Play listings. More than anything, that'll require some additional cost for anyone who doesn't already have a non-home address. (And please, folks. Don't use your home address. The Internet is crazy these days.)
  • I imagine we'll just use our office address in Inverness. Reminds me that one day I should actually go there.
  • For my own purposes, I've long had a box at a UPS store. Not that home addresses are particularly hard to find — it's just that there's no reason to hand it out haphazardly.
  • Speaking of Internet crazies, a great read from Jason Bauman on the subject.
  • Don't sweat Google sharing your public Google+ pics to Google Maps. But do take the opportunity to audit what you're sharing.
  • Google needs to make it as easy to unshare your location as it does to share it in the first place.
  • Finally wrapping up the Moto X review this week. Good solid phone.
  • Getting excited to spend some time with the Note 4, though. It'a good one.

Aight. That's it for this week. Catch ya'll Monday.