THQ Nordic is back with a remake of another cult classic, Destroy All Humans! and with it they've given us one of the most entertaining game trailers I have recently seen. It's a great example of the humor we've come to expect from any DAH! title. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Destroy All Humans! game:

Alien Invasion!

Destroy All Humans!

And flying cows?

THQ Nordic has been gracing us with the remasters and remakes of some amazing games. Destroy All Humans! is one such game. Play as Crypto-137, unleash that alien weaponry and levitate some cows if you like. The humor of the original was not lost in this remake.

What is Destroy All Humans!?

Originally a title from Pandemic Studios in 2005, Nordic received the rights to Destroy All Humans! when they bought out THQ back in 2013. The Black Forest Games studio, based out of Germany, has been tasked with developing the remake. Destroy All Humans! will be available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This will be the first time PC players get to experience DAH! as the original was never converted. With PC users joining the family, they will be able to purchase from Steam.

It is about time we DAH! fans share the love of Crypto's adventures!

So, who is Crypto?

Crypto-137 is a villainous alien (player) who has been sent to terrorize the people of 1950's Earth. You must guide him to harvest human DNA and destroy the US Government as you invade in this action-adventure game reminiscent of another cult-classic, Mars Attacks!

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Crypto-137 is here and he will annihilate all the humans he can using an assortment of exotic alien weaponry and psychic abilities, or by simply reducing cities to smoldering piles of rubble and ash with his flying saucer.

What is the gameplay like?

Destroy All Humans! is still in early production, there hasn't been much gameplay footage available just yet. Black Forest Games' director on the project, Onurhan Karaagacli, has said "It's a full remake in the sense that we're staying faithful to the original design, but everything is made from scratch." That 'from scratch' includes Black Forest Games visual strengths and modernized controls to enhance the run and gun experience.

They are including improvements the second game made on the first and continuing to enhance those improvements for a fully modernized gameplay experience. But, in staying true to original DAH! there are no plans for multiplayer.

When do we get to Destroy All Humans!?

We don't have an exact release date yet however, THQ Nordic has decided that the remake of Destroy All Humans! will be released sometime in early 2020 for the 15th Anniversary of the original release. A fitting anniversary gift for the alien destruction of 1950's Earth, we can't wait!

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