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Our phones are capable of an incredible level of computing, and most of us really enjoy using them for watching videos of hamsters interact with miniature versions of our favorite things. Some of us use these phones for so much, we buy little versions of our phones that we can wear on our wrists to avoid reaching for the phone every couple of minutes.

Snarky as that sounds, smartwatches have a lot of practical uses. These wrist computers are better suited for capturing sleep and activity data to better understand how healthy you are, and are a much safer way of getting turn-by-turn directions places.

There are tons of great uses for a quality smartwatch, but first you need to pick a quality smartwatch. Here are some of the best available today!

Looking for just the Android Wear watches? These are the best you can buy today!

LG Watch Style

Not only was this watch one of the first to be released with the latest version of Android Wear onboard, but it's also one of the most compact Android Wear watches available today. The LG Watch Style is light enough that you don't notice it on your wrist, but the metal body gives the watch a nice sturdy feel with just enough battery to get you through a whole day without issue.

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Each Watch Style comes with Google's easy to replace watchbands onboard, so you can quickly customize your watch to look just the way you want. Which is good, because the outer shell only comes in three very similar shades of metal. The real fun you'll have here is when you start making sure your watch band matches whatever watch face you choose from the tens of thousands available in the Google Play Store!

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Samsung Gear S3

Samsung's smartwatches are basically phones in their own right. The Gear S3 can take its own SIM card and act entirely separate from a phone, instead of connecting via Bluetooth. This means you can make phone calls right from your wrist, or get your notifications while out jogging without the phone needing to be with you. You can also make payments at any card terminal with Samsung Pay baked right in.

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This is also a capable fitness wearable, with a heart-rate monitor for additional information for when you're active and a sleep monitor that kicks in automatically. With the included wireless charger that sets the watch up almost like a bedside clock and a battery that will easily get you two full days of use, this watch is great for getting you to put your phone down without actually disconnecting you from the world.

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LG Watch Sport

The larger relative of the LG Watch Style crams as many features as possible into a larger body. This watch makes calls, can pay for things at many but not all terminals, and offers most of the fitness features you'd expect to find on something built to be taken out for a serious workout session. It's a big watch with three large buttons and unless you are very lucky and find the limited edition this watch only comes in one color.

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What you won't find on this watch is the ability to replace the strap if you don't like the sporty rubber strap, because it actually has parts of the computer built into it. As long as you're fine with that strap, this is the watch to get when you want Android Wear and every possible feature onboard.

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Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

The closest thing to a household name when it comes to fitness tech made a smartwatch that puts fitness first before anything else. Fitbit's watch doesn't try to look like a watch, either. This oddly-shaped fitness band is just wide enough to put a nice display on it, and like every other Fitbit works to give you constant information on your daily workout progress. Since the battery will last you between three and five days on a single charge, it's the kind of thing you're likely to wear everywhere and anywhere, which is great.

One of the most impressive things about the design of this watch is the way the entire outer shell comes off when you replace the band. This means you can have multiple color options for the outer shell to go with all of the different watch strap options you can buy today!

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Ticwatch 2

This isn't a name you're likely to have heard of before, but Ticwatch 2 is an Android-based watch that isn't running Google's Android Wear. Instead, this custom version of the OS focuses on a special natural language search system that competes directly with Google Assistant in a couple of very interesting places.

The big standout feature for this watch is the touch sensitive strip you use for scrolling. Instead of turning a knob or swiping on the screen, you can drag your finger across the bottom of the bezel and the interface will move to match.

Ticwatch 2 offers GPS, heart rate monitoring, and a microphone/speaker combo with plenty of apps onboard that work with both. While the battery is going to get you a little over a day, the included charger will be something you likely use each night.

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What if I have an iPhone?

Apple Watch

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