Best PS5 faceplate covers 2024

With the ease at which you can remove your PS5 faceplate covers, it's great to know that many alternatives are available, both official and aftermarket. But with the uncertainty that comes with veering away from the default option, where should you start? Whether you're dissatisfied with the original white color or just looking for a different option to help spruce up your new console, our guide on the best PS5 faceplates is here to help you get your console looking its best.

The best PS5 faceplate covers 

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Which faceplates should you buy?

There is no shortage of options for those looking to deck their PS5 out in some new plates, especially with the release of licensed options. In terms of the complete package, the official plates are the best choice, with colors not seen from other aftermarket options and peace of mind that you're getting a high-quality product. Of course, that sweet Playstation logo makes all the difference on your shelf.

If your interest lies purely in aesthetics, you can't do much better than the sleek VGF Gamers Fade to Black plates, especially if you like a matte finish. The wds clear white plates are stunning, too, suitable if you're looking for a more novelty item to adorn your PS5 console.

Some would prefer a more practical faceplate to replace their official ones, which improves the design instead of only offering up a visual difference. The dbrand Darkplates tick this box, boasting increased airflow and a sleek and practical design, ensuring that your PS5 is well kept. Choosing a fancy middle skin from a wide range offers attention to detail not seen in some other entries on this list, while a smart gift box containing your new faceplates adds that extra bit of quality.

Of course, once you've got the design and look of your console to your liking, you'll want to go ahead and get one of the best PS5 controllers to make your gaming experience even better. 

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