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With the ease at which you can remove your PS5 faceplate covers, it's great to know that there are many alternatives available, both official and aftermarket. But with the uncertainty that comes with veering away from the default option, where should you start? Whether you're dissatisfied with the original white color or just looking for a different option to help spruce up your new console, our guide on the best PS5 faceplates is here to help you get your console looking its best.

Official Ps5 Faceplates

The real deal: Official PS5 Console Covers

Staff Pick

After a long wait, official PS5 plates are finally here in various colors. As well as having covers sporting the official logo, those wishing to purchase licensed plates can be sure they're getting products of the highest quality. Pre-orders are available now, and the option to purchase a PS5 controller in each new color ensures you'll have a satisfying and complete package in your shade of choice.

$55 at Playstation

Joining the dark side: Darkplates Matte Black

Featuring their dark take on the official plates, this is among the higher quality third-party options for those looking to get as close to licensed black plates as possible. The addition of a fan improves cooling, and you can select your middle skin of choice alongside your plates for a range of customization options.

$59 at DBrand
Wds Clear White Ps5 Faceplate

X-ray specs: WDS Store Clear White

Reminiscent of the days when transparent controllers were all the rage, these cheap plates bring back fond memories while also looking fantastic. Plus, the easy installation and sleek design represent practicality and good looks.

$34 at Amazon
Cosmic Red Ps5 Faceplate

Throwing shade: VLANMON Cosmic Red

While there are many red faceplates out there, we've seen few in such an eye-catching shade. The plates are also dust and scratch-proof and come in other colors if you prefer.

$40 at Amazon
Comic Controllers Classic Ps2 Ps5 Faceplate

Back to the good ol' days: Comic Controllers Classic PS2 Design

This handmade plate harkens back to simpler times with a striking PS2 style design. It's simple but effective. While it is quite expensive, you can send your plates in to get painted for a cheaper alternative.

From $50 at Etsy
Defygaming Silver Ps5 Faceplate

The silver fox: Defy Gaming Matte Silver

This faceplate looks excellent. It is a reminder of the silver edition of the PS2 and that not enough things are silver. It's cheaper than others on this list, comes in other colors, and ships worldwide; a decent all-rounder. Oh, and you get a free keyring!

£30 at Defy Gaming
Nexgo Ps5 Plate

The gold standard: NexiGo Gold Faceplate

Featuring scratch and dust-resistant ABS plastic, a user manual, and even matching controller plates, this gold option from NexiGo is made with customer satisfaction and quality in mind. The fact that it also looks excellent is a bonus.

$45 at Amazon
Gamearmor Red Ps5 Faceplate

A solid choice: Game Armor Parker Red

Also available in classic black and Astro blue, this is a solid and sturdy faceplate option for your PS5. So if you don't want a fancy design but still want a vibrant color to get as far away from white as possible, this is the option for you.

$35 at Comic Controllers
Fade To Black Matte Ps5 Faceplate

Practical and stylish: Fade to Black Matte Black

Not only does this faceplate look great on your console, but it also comes with some useful improvements. Grills have been added, improving heat dissipation, while redesigned tabs add stability when locking the plates in place. Controller shells are also available.

$45 at VGF Gamers
Dark Knight Plate

The plate gotham deserves: Bit Labs Elite Plate Dark Knight Edition

Boasting durability as well as an excellent matte finish, this is one striking and sturdy set of plates that'll look great wherever you display your PS5 console.

$41 at Amazon
Miles Morales Ps5 Faceplates

Friendly neighborhood faceplate: Comic Controllers Spider-Man

Another stellar design from Comic Controllers, this one allows you to choose between Miles Morales and Peter Parker's respective costumes or have one on either side. These plates have a fantastic level of detail and are faithful recreations of the iconic web slingers' suits.

From $95 at Etsy

Which faceplates should you buy?

There is clearly no shortage of options for those looking to deck their PS5 out in some new plates, especially with the release of licensed options. In terms of the full package, the official plates are clearly the best choice, with colors not seen from other aftermarket options and peace of mind that you're getting a high-quality product. That sweet Playstation logo makes all the difference on your shelf too.

If your interest lies purely in aesthetics, you can't do much better than the Comic Controllers Spider-Man plates, especially if you're a keen Marvel fan. The WDS clear white plates are stunning, too, suitable if you're looking for a more novelty item to adorn your PS5 console.

There are some that would prefer a more practical faceplate to replace their official ones, something that improves on the design instead of only offering up a visual difference. The Darkplates tick this box, boasting increased airflow and a sleek and practical design, ensuring that your PS5 is well kept. The option to choose a fancy middle skin from a wide range offers attention to detail not seen in some other entries on this list, while a smart gift box containing your new faceplates adds that extra bit of quality.

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