Best PlayStation 4 Games under $30 in 2020

When you're concerned about money, it can be hard to justify paying $60 on a brand new PlayStation 4 game. Luckily the maturity of the console means that there are plenty of excellent older games you can get for half that price. Whatever your preferred genre, this list of games under $30 should provide you with plenty of affordable fun and help you save up for the next big thing.

Save a few bucks and spare no fun

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All of us want to save a few dollars where we can, but we can never forget that it's still important to have fun. That's why Fallout 4 is our featured favorite for games under $30. Not only is the price an absolute steal, but this is definitely a game you'll get lost in for months.

If you're looking for something more contemplative, try Life Is Strange 2, where every decision you make will impact the game's story. Or you can go all-in on action and try to master all the fighters in Mortal Kombat 11. These picks will give you plenty of fun without feeling bad about spending too much.

Samantha Nelson