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When you look at a PlayStation 4, it can be kind of boring. It's a mostly bland-looking black box sitting on your entertainment stand. If you are planning to keep your PS4 around for a little longer before or even after getting the PlayStation 5, there's no harm in making it look a little nicer. A customized gaming system can be a great symbol of your individuality or a simple statement of something you love. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready or able to commit to an intricate and time-consuming paint job, especially with the next generation of the console on its way. If you're one of those people, but you still want a customized PS4, a decal kit is a perfect way to go.

Kingdom Hearts decal kit PS4

Sora and pals: Kingdom Hearts

Staff pick

Kingdom Hearts is a phenomenon, and people adore it all over the world. Represent your love for Sora, Mickey, and the Kingdom Hearts franchise by wrapping your console in this beautiful decal.

$14 at Amazon
Deadpool decal for PS4

Marvel's bad boy: Deadpool

The Merc with a Mouth is a cultural icon at this point, and having his face plastered over your PS4 is the least you can do for him. He died for our sins, after all. Wait... that was someone else and we probably prefer he keeps the mask on.

Joker face decal for PS4

Batman's nemesis: Joker

Not a Marvel fan? Maybe this DC comics decal will appeal to you more. Batman's iconic arch-nemesis the Joker adorns this decal, complete with his signature smile that surely sends shivers down the spines of Gotham's citizens.

$13 at Amazon
Game of Thrones three eyed raven decal for PS4

Winter is coming: Game of Thrones

While the TV show may be over and we may not all have agreed upon the last season, our love for Westeros shall never die! Get this three-eyed raven decal to show your passion for dark lore behind this mystic bird.

Sky Chrome Systems Skin Ps

Slim and shiny: Sky chrome

If you aren't really into overtly showing off your favorite fandoms, perhaps something a little more simple is inline. Try this decal with a pop of color and a bit of flash. Dress up your PS4 Slim like a mirrored sky.

$21 at Amazon
TLoU Ps4 pro Decal

Pro dad jokes: The Last of Us

If you are waiting to get the PS5 but can't wait for The Last of Us Part II. Share your love of the franchise with a beautiful The Last of Us decal for your PS4 Pro, featuring a shimmering firefly logo.

$25 at Amazon

Stick to one choice

You can't go wrong with any of the above options, but we personally love the Kingdom Hearts decal. It shows off a love for the game in stunning detail and has a beautiful color scheme. I love the graphical style of the Kingdom Hearts games, and this captures that style perfectly.

For fans of something a little darker both in franchise and decal color, The Last of Us decal for the PS4 Pro keeps the dark tones you are used to for PlayStation with a little pop of contrast through the characters. And who doesn't like a bit of shimmer? You certainly get that with the beautiful firefly logo.

Whether it's a television show, comic book, or sports team, you'll likely find a decal for it but the availability of those decals is starting to feel the presence of the new generation in consoles. The PS5's appearance means many stores will no longer be keeping shelf space for PS4 decals. We will, however, keep our eyes open for the best-looking ones you can still get your hands on.

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