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If you're shopping for someone who is a huge PlayStation 4 fan and you're not totally sure what that means, know that you are not alone. Shopping for a gamer isn't always the easiest thing in the world, especially if they're the type to go out and buy the latest game the day it is available. If your PlayStation 4 fan has switched to full digital, you may not even be able to see what games they have without tipping them off, so what do you do for gifts?

We've got a quick starting guide for you, with a list of things every PlayStation 4 fan would enjoy adding to their gaming setup.

PlayStation+ Subscription

One of the best parts of playing PlayStation games is being able to play with friends that are not in your living room. For many PS4 and PSVR games, that means having a PlayStation+ subscription. This not only gets your PlayStation owner access to friends online, but also access to special sales and discounts. PlayStation+ also guarantees a couple of free games every month as part of the subscription, the price of which usually amounts to more than what you paid for the whole year subscription in short order.

These subscriptions can be purchased in one month, three month, and twelve month increments, and can be given as an add-on to an existing subscription if someone is already using this feature.

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Nyko Modular Charge Station

Charging PlayStation 4 controllers isn't complicated, but it rarely looks nice. Sony wants you to connect a USB cable to the front of the console and connect your controller, which means loose wires. That's not a great look, so there's a lot of third-party charging stations available to clean that mess up a little.

Nyko's charging station attaches to the top of the PS4 itself, so you're not taking up a lot of extra space on your entertainment center in order to get your controllers charged when you're not using them. It also looks better than loose wires, so there's that.

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PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Every gamer has the perfect set of headphones, but not a lot of them work with the PlayStation quite like the ones made by Sony. These headphones will redirect all the audio from your television wirelessly, making it so you can get the full PS4 experience without disturbing anyone in the house. These headphones also have a microphone, so you can enjoy multiplayer gameplay wire-free as well.

They sound nice, they work well, and the battery will get you several days of gameplay without needing to be recharged. Sony's headphones are also collapsible and store much easier than most good gaming headphones.

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PlayStation TV

Most people don't have more than one PlayStation 4, but what if everyone could do so without dropping the cash on an entirely separate console? PlayStation TV offers up a series of basic apps and games for gamers to enjoy, but the real feature is the Remote Play mode that lets you operate your PlayStation 4 across your Wi-Fi network.

This setup will allow you to play even when your primary TV is being occupied, which is a great feature for everyone to enjoy!

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PlayStation VR

Lots of people who play games enjoy feeling immersed in story and graphics, and PlayStation VR is Sony's effort to take that feeling a step further. It's a VR headset that lets people enjoy looking around from inside the game, with a whole new set of games to experience. This headset works with Sony's PlayStation Move controllers, which allows you to reach out with your hands and interact with the VR worlds seen in the headset.

Check out our full review for more details, and take a look at our favorite games to go with PSVR as well!

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