Best Accessories for the PlayStation Classic for 2019

The PlayStation Classic is Sony's buy-in for the nostalgia-filled retro console sector. While it has some issues, it's a lot of fun to use and recent hacking and modding by the online community has made it even better. Having these accessories will maximize your enjoyment. There aren't a massive amount of accessories yet, but we will update as they arrive.

Ways to make the PlayStation better

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This collection has a few options for the different accessories available for the PlayStation Classic. Most of them are optional of course but the Anker wall charger is really a necessity, as without a wall charger you can't even use the Classic. The Anker has the added advantage of housing two USB ports so you can charge your phone at the same time.

Using the Classic can be a little tricky if your TV is far away from your sofa. Cords suck, so to mitigate that you should use these wicked 8Bitdo wireless adapters to use your PS4 controller in comfort. This way, you get all the comfort of modern controllers with the benefit of wireless, while still getting to play awesome retro games!

Or, if you like the nostalgia of being tethered, you could use the 15ft Extension cable to get your PlayStation Classic closer to you. That way you can still use the OG controller but you won't have to sit two feet away from a 60 inch TV. There is always something to be said about nostalgia, after all, it's why we buy these little consoles.

James Bricknell
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