Amazon's Fire Tablets are on sale with prices starting at just $40 right now

Amazon Fire 7 lifestyle
Amazon Fire 7 lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon is offering each iteration of its Fire tablets at a reduced price right now. While we've seen these go on sale in the past, it's pretty infrequent to have each size being offered at a discount simultaneously. The prices are still hot when compared to the best deals we've ever seen, too.

For instance, the Fire 7 Tablet is available for $39.99 today. We've never seen it drop below $30, and those ultra-low price drops are reserved for days like Prime Day and Black Friday. The same goes for the Fire HD 8, which is just $10 more than its best price ever. Note that most of these deals include a tablet with Special Offers, which are tastefully designed and unobtrusive. If you'd prefer the tablet without the Special Offers, you can choose those options with the same level of savings.

While previous deals have seen this recently-released tablet drop further in price, they were only for Amazon Prime members. Today's discount offers savings for anyone with $10 off both the 16GB and 32GB tablet in the color of your choice.

The Fire 7 tablet was just updated back in May, so you're getting Amazon's latest features with this deal. The biggest changes include a bump in default storage from 8GB to 16GB, a much faster processor, and built-in Amazon Alexa capabilities so you can control your smart home from your new device. There are also some nice new color options.

If you feel 16GB or 32GB is not enough space for you, you can upgrade your storage with a microSD card. The Fire 7 tablet now supports capacities up to 512GB so you'll have plenty of room for games, movies, music, and more.

This 2018 release has excellent reviews and one of its best price tags to date. We've only ever seen the Alexa hands-free enabled tablet drop lower during holiday sales or Prime-exclusive events, so now's a great time to pick one up.

The Fire HD 8 features up to 10 hours of mixed-use battery life, an 8-inch HD display, a quad-core processor, and — newly — hands-free access to Alexa. That's something that the Fire HD 10 tablet has had for a while, but this is a first for the Fire HD 8. You can upgrade the storage, too, up to 400GB depending on what microSD card you go with.

In addition, the tablet now has Show Mode. This gives your tablet some of the same features that the Echo Show has. You can use your voice to ask Alexa to show you the news or weather, play a song, call a family member, control your smart thermostat, and more. If Show Mode sounds like something you'll use frequently, you can pick up the Show Mode Charging Dock separately. Alternatively, check out our list of the best Fire tablet accessories for other ways to put your savings to use.

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